Arbeitsblatt: Listening und Speaking Unit 4


Listening und Speaking Prüfung Unit 4 für das Lehrmittel New Hotline Starter Listening: telling the time Speaking: can / can\'t
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Fabienne Infanger
Land: Schweiz
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Test Unit 4 Listening Listen carefully to the times, that are mentioned in the dialogue. Draw each time you hear in watch and write the time in letters next to the watch (e.g. 5.30 pm). Start with number one. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Test Unit 4 Speaking Look at Calvin and Hobbes. What can or cant they do. Use the verbs in the box to describe their activities. to laugh to fish to play cricket to sleep to throw snowball to dance 1) 4) 6) 3) 2) 5) Grading criteria: Listening: you understand the times used in the dialogue you can write down the times correctly Speaking: you can form sentences using can or cant your answers refer to the pictures you can make sentences that are correct you can speak fluently In both, speaking and listening, at least four exercises have to be correct to achieve the GL (grade 4).