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test units 3 und 4
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Review Unit 3-4 13th September 2010 Name: Points: Mark Signature 45 p. A. Write sentences using the present simple (word order !!) 1. My friend in the evening watch TV often 6 p. 2. / not speak Spanish. 3. We not have shower in the morning usually 4. Our teacher fish not like 5. Steve have geograyphy on Thursday 6. They be busy at the weekend always B. Write questions and short answers. You speak English 1. 6 p. Do you speak English Yes, do. Mr Aeschbacher/ come from Italy 2. Your classmates/ go to school on Saturday 3. Mrs Neuenschwander live in Ins 4. You like football 5. Mr Lienhard teach maths 6. Mrs Walther understand French C. Complete with at, in, on, form, or to 1. The students get up 6.30 in the morning. 3 p. 2. They usually start school Monday. 3. Last week, they had to go to school Tuesday Friday. 4. They often watch TV night. 5. They go home the afternoon four oclock. 6. They dont go to school the weekend. D. Write sentences using the present continuous (-ing-form) 1. they go to school 6 p. 2. the actor not learn his lines 3. / play tennis with friend 4. Sara not talk to Steve 5. you write an email 6. we stay with Steve E. Write questions and short answers in the present continuous (-ing-form) wear T-shirt she Yes 1. 6 p. Is she wearing T-shirt? Yes, she is. eat an ice cream I No 2. laugh about something they Yes 3. not make phone call he Yes 4. not go home you No 5. run away we Yes 6. cook she Italian food Yes F. Write questions for these answers. 1. No, dont live in Germany. live in Switzerland. Im from town called Berne. 6 p. 2. Yes, my friends are from Berne. 3. I like tennis and badminton. 4. No, dont like football. 5. Yes, love animals! My favourite animals are cats. 6. No, never get up early at the weekend! usually get up at ten oclock. G. Underline the odd word and explain your choice eg. maths English Monday 6 p. geography It isnt school subject. 1. Wednesday Chinese Friday Thursday 2. pink ice cream 3. hand finger 4. talk chair 5. ear foot 6. yellow happy purple blue H. Translate 1. Warte und schau (dir) diesen Mann an chocolate eggs arm hold sing speak eye mouth 2. My wardrobe is between the bed and the window. 3. Er macht seine Hausaufgaben immer. 4. Ich mag frische Eier zum Frühstück. 5. Sie glaubt dir nicht. 6. Dont worry – be happy! 6 p.