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Tabelle1 UNIT 6 EXPERIENCES Lesson 1 Have you recorded everything? (pages 74–75) break (v) *** zerbrechen cow (n) ** Kuh danger (n) *** Gefahr deer (n) Reh duck (n) ** Ente farm (n) *** Bauernhof giraffe (n) Giraffe goat (n) Ziege have shower duschen hippo (n) Nilpferd lion (n) ** Löwe monkey (n) Affe pig (n) ** Schwein protect (v) *** beschützen sheep (n) *** Schaf squirrel (n) Eichhörnchen tiger (n) Tiger wild (adj) *** wild Lesson 2 Have you ever ? (pages 76–77) air (n) *** Luft airport (n) *** Flughafen anyone (pron) *** irgendjemand anywhere (adv) *** irgendwo attract (v) *** anziehen average (adj) *** durchschnittlich bus driver (n) Busfahrer(in) bus station (n) Busstation bus stop (n) Bushaltestelle bus ticket (n) Busbillet bus timetable (n) Busfahrplan car driver (n) Autofahrer(in) Seite 1 Tabelle1 car engine (n) Motor car park (n) Parkplatz dream (n) *** Traum electric (adj) ** elektrisch everywhere (adv) *** überall imagine (v) *** vorstellen interest (n) *** Interesse link (v) *** verbinden powerful (adj) *** kraftvoll railway engine (n) Lokomotive railway line (n) Eisenbahnlinie railway station (n) Bahnhof railway track (n) Eisenbahngleis reality (n) *** Realität train driver (n) Zugführer(in) train station (n) Bahnhof train ticket (n) Zugbillet train timetable (n) Fahrplan tram (n) Tram tube (n) ** Untergrundbahn Lesson 3 Too many tourists (pages 78–79) empty (adj) *** leer everyone (pron) *** jeder grass (n) *** Gras sight (n) *** hier: Sehenswürdigkeit something (pron) *** etwas voice (n) *** Stimme Lesson 4 Integrated Skills Favourite places (pages 80–81) absolutely (adv) *** absolut ancient (adj) *** antik ferry (n) Fähre library (n) *** Bibliothek limited (adj) *** limitiert Seite 2 Tabelle1 mountain (n) *** Berg palace (n) ** Schloss reason (n) *** Grund side (n) *** Seite statue (n) ** Statue whole (n) *** ganz Seite 3 Tabelle1 ng? (pages 74–75) She broke the plate when she dropped it. You get milk from cows. They mustnt forget the dangers of the jungle. Richmond Park has large number of red deer. The ducks swam in the lake. London also has several city farms, where you can see sheep, pigs, cows and goats. giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world. The farmer kept cows and goats on the farm. You must have shower before you swim. hippo has thick grey skin and lives near water. The lion roared angrily. Monkeys live together in big groups. The fat pig rolled in the mud. The zoo works hard to protect wildlife in danger. Sheep have their lambs in spring. Hyde Park is good place to see squirrels in the trees. Tigers are member of the big cat family. There are also ducks and other wild birds in the Serpentine Lake. leave the office at lunchtime to get some fresh air. We had to be at the airport very early to catch our flight. Ive never met anyone famous. Have you ever flown anywhere? magnet is piece of metal which attracts objects that contain iron. The Maglev train has an average speed of 250 km/h. The bus driver smiled as got on the bus. waited for the bus at the bus station for half an hour. We ran down the road to the bus stop. buy bus ticket on the bus every morning. Pick up bus timetable to find out when the buses run. The car driver drove slowly on the wet road. Seite 4 Tabelle1 The car engine was very noisy. The car park was full of cars. Maglev transport has been dream for over 100 years and now it is reality. The world first electric underground railway is more than 100 years old. Kylie is household name everywhere. Imagine train with no engine, wheels or brakes. There has never been so much interest in it before. The Eurostar links the UK with France and Belgium. Powerful magnets in the Maglev track and on the trains lift them and move them forward. We saw an old railway engine in the train museum. young woman drove onto railway line in front of train. You can buy your train ticket at the railway station. The train moved slowly along the railway track. Maglev transport was dream but now it reality. The train driver climbed onto his train. The train arrives at the train station at two oclock. My train ticket to London was very expensive. Let check the train timetable to find out when the train leaves. We could travel by tram instead of bus. The tube is the oldest underground railway in the world. There arent any empty tables in the café. Everyone in the group was making video. They had picnic outside on the grass. When people visit London, they want to see all the sights. You dont have to come to the stadium, but youll miss something really exciting. She is the singer because she has the best voice. places (pages 80–81) The statue is absolutely stunning one of the wonders of the world. We went to visit the ancient temple ruins. We travelled from England to France on the ferry. She returned her books to the library. Visitor numbers are limited, so it good idea to buy your ticket in advance. Seite 5 Tabelle1 The Cristo Redentor statue is on top of the Corcovado mountain in Rio. The Queen lives in palace. The reason so many tourists go to the Eiffel Tower is because there fantastic view from the top. You must cycle and drive on the left-hand side of the road. statue is large stone or metal model of person or animal. They must spend the whole night alone in the jungle. Seite 6