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Tabelle1 UNIT 7 WONDERFUL WORLD Lesson 1 They must eat insects and worms (pages 88–89) basic (adj) *** einfach beans (n pl) ** Bohnen bite (n) Biss camp (n) *** Lager charity (n) *** Wohltätigkeit chopping board (n) Schneidebrett complain (v) *** beklagen cooking pot (n) Kochtopf crocodile (n) Krokodil film crew (n) Filmcrew hide (v) *** verstecken jungle (n) Dschungel log (n) Holzklotz matches (n pl) *** Streichholz mirror (n) *** Spiegel rhino (n) Nashorn snake (n) Schlange supplies (n pl) *** Vorräte task (n) *** Aufgabe toilet paper (n) WC-Papier treatment (n) *** Behandlung worm (n) Wurm Lesson 2 Do we have to go? (pages 90–91) do the ironing bügeln do the shopping einkaufen (gehen) do the washing up (den) Abwasch machen enter (v) *** beitreten dont care (es) ist mir egal lay the table (den) Tisch decken make the bed das Bett machen pass an exam(ination) (einen) Test bestehen Seite 1 Tabelle1 put away (v) weglegen seat belt (n) Sicherheitsgurt take-off (n) Abflug Lesson 3 Dont be frightened! (pages 92–93) alive (adj) *** lebendig amphibian (n) Amphibie baby (n) *** Baby brain (n) *** Hirn creature (n) *** Kreatur deep (adj) *** tief develop (v) *** entwickeln environment (n) *** Umwelt experience (v) *** erleben fascinating (adj) ** faszinierend feather (n) Feder feed (v) *** füttern grow (v) *** wachsen human being (n) *** Mensch lay eggs Eier legen mammal (n) Säugetier No way! Auf keinen Fall! power (n) *** Kraft provide (v) *** versorgen rainforest (n) Regenwald reptile (n) Reptil surprising (adj) *** überraschend tortoise (n) Schildkröte volcano (n) Vulkan Lesson 4 Integrated Skills Describing journey (pages 94–95) audience (n) *** Publikum bar (n) *** Bar herd (n v) Herde husky (dog) (n) Husky Seite 2 Tabelle1 increased (adj) *** erhöht inhabitant (n) ** Bewohner reindeer (n) Rentier skin (n) *** Haut sled (n) Schlitten snow (n) *** Schnee snowmobile (n) Schneemobil stretch (v) *** strecken tourism (n) ** Tourismus version (n) *** Version wedding (n) *** Hochzeit worried (adj) *** besorgt Seite 3 Tabelle1 worms (pages 88–89) They had very basic supplies in the jungle. The celebrities in the jungle must survive by eating rice and beans. The celebrities must learn emergency treatment for snake bites. The celebrities spend up to fortnight in camp in the Australian jungle. The last person wins lot of money for charity. They used chopping board to prepare the vegetables. The celebrities complain because theyre hungry. They stirred the food in the cooking pot. The water in the jungle is full of crocodiles. The celebrities in the jungle only see the show presenters and film crew. Animals often hide in the bushes. They mustnt forget the dangers of the jungle. At the centre of the camp is log fire. The celebrities are allowed 10 boxes of matches for lighting the fire. looked at my face in the mirror. rhino is very big animal with horn on its nose. The snake slid through the grass. The group gets basic supplies to live on. The celebrities choose who must do the tasks to win extra food. We need more toilet paper in the bathroom. If you have snake bite you need emergency treatment. Tom found worm in the soil. Ive washed the clothes. Can you do the ironing? Mum usually does the shopping at the supermarket. Can you do the washing up after dinner? You must be over 16 to enter the competition. Youll miss something exciting. I dont care! Shall lay the table for breakfast? Please make the bed when you get up. Sarah was very happy. She passed her exams. Seite 4 Tabelle1 You must put away your things and tidy your room. On an aeroplane, you have to wear seat belt for take-off and landing. You have to be at the airport two hours before take-off. The dinosaurs come alive in our exciting animated display. Amphibians can live both in water and on land. Mammals feed their babies with milk. Scientists still dont fully understand how the human brain works. Some sea creatures live so deep they have to provide their own light. The sea creatures lived deep under the sea. Test your mind and body to understand how they grow and develop. Human beings are changing the environment. Experience the sights and sounds of rainforest. This is fascinating exhibition it really interesting. Rebecca found bird feather on the ground. Mammals are animals which feed their babies with milk. Some plants grow from seed. See how human beings are changing the environment. The chickens lay eggs every morning. Humans are the most intelligent mammals in the world. Would you like to do parachute jump? No way! Im afraid of heights. They felt the power of the earthquake beneath them. The moon provides light in the night sky. You can experience the sights and sounds of rainforest. lizard is type of reptile. There are lots of surprising fish in the exhibition. In the exhibition, you can see 150-year-old giant tortoise. Discover what happens when volcano erupts. bing journey (pages 94–95) She sang Dancing Queen to worldwide TV audience of four billion people. We ordered our drinks from the bar. There was herd of reindeer in the field. saw an advertisement for trip to the Arctic running team of husky dogs. Seite 5 Tabelle1 The size of the puddle increased quickly. The Sami people are the original inhabitants of Lapland. They travelled on sleds pulled by huskies or reindeer. You sit on ice seats covered with reindeer skins. In Lapland, people travel on sleds pulled by husky dogs. They travelled across the snow on sleds. The Sami people use snowmobiles to travel across the tundra. Lapland is region north of the Arctic Circle, stretching across four countries. The increased tourism in Lapland is helping to keep the Sami culture alive. There 70-minute version of Shakespeare Hamlet. The ice church is very popular for weddings. was worried about the flight because dont like flying. Seite 6