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KET Practice
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Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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6 The internet cafe quickly became with Ivan and his friends. favourite popular excellent 7 It only Ivan five minutes to get to the cafe. takes has gets 8 Ivan often his friends there after school. waits meets goes 9 The cafÈ has different of computer games that they can play. things ways kinds 10 Ivan thinks there is lot of information on the internet. certain sure useful 11 Why didnt you come to the pool yesterday? I didnít see them there. It was great time. I was doing something else. 12 have to go home now. Have you been before? Its still quite early. How long was it for? 13 Whose phone is that? Its not there. Wasnt it? Im not sure. 14 There werent any more tickets for the match. Thats pity. It isnt enough. I hope so. 15 Shall we play that new computer game? Its all right. Yes, it is. If youd like to. People who like watching football often go to this place. s If you enjoy taking photographs, you will need this. c_ People who like swimming in the sea often go here. b You may play this instrument if you like music. If you enjoy camping, you will need to take this with you. t_ My name Elisa Valdez. Im twelve and live in Mexico City. two brothers, Emilio and Miguel. Both of are few years older me. My sister, Maria, is youngest in my family and it was her tenth birthday week. love spending time my friends. We often shopping or play volleyball together. really enjoy dancing too. joined dance school five years and go there twice week to practise. Ive learned of interesting things about my countrys music and dancing.