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Sarah Elena Deppeler
Land: Schweiz
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Exercice 1a Frequency Adverbs Answer these questions using the frequency adverb given. The first one is done for you. 01. Do you spend time at the pub? (never) I never spend time. 02. Have you been to the opera? (never) 03. Do you speak English? (always) 04. Do you stay at the hotel? (sometimes) 05. When youre on holiday, do you sit on the beach? (occasionally) 06. Do you ever dream about money? (usually) 07. Do you go for walks? (frequently) 08. Have you ever played cricket? (never) 09. Do you watch television? (sometimes) 10. Have you spoken Gaelic since you were child? (always) Exercice 1a Rewrite the sentence using the frequency adverb given in the bracket. They do. (sometimes) She is very friendly. (usually) am at home in the mornings. (often) He has pencil with him. (always) Birds return to the place where they were born. (often) We would. (never) Maple wood is used to make violins. (sometimes) Do you visit Boston? (often) Are they surprised at the results? (usually) The children do not follow our instructions. (always) We do not stay out after dark. (usually) The facts are not known. (often) Exercice 2 (freiwillig) Make sentences: 1. early usually gets up My brother /. 2. football They play often /. 3. always is hungry She /. 4. take John and Sarah the bus sometimes /. 5. Sandra by underground to school usually goes /. 6. We happy always are /. 7. visits My sister often on Saturday our grandmother /. Translate the following sentences: 1. Ich gehe normalerweise am Samstag einkaufen. 2. Manchmal spielen wir Fussball. 3. Normalerweise esse ich in der Kantine. 4. Sie trinken nie Bier. 5. Du spielst gewöhnlich am Freitag Tennis. 6. Im Sommer bin ich immer draussen.