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Sarah Elena Deppeler
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Grammar: prepositions 1. Prepositions of time Die drei wichtigsten „prepositions of time sind: at on in Betrachte die Seite 98 im Buch und vervollständige die Tabelle. at at about 1:40 pm on on 25th december in in 2006 Vervollständige die Regeln zur Anwendung der „prepositions of time. time year century wofür? at on in month period of time in the future date days season Beispiel: expresssions 2. Prepositions of place Schreibe die richtige Übersetzung neben die Präpositionen. behind between neben zwischen innen in front of im in draussen vor hinter in inside unter near next to opposite über outside nah over gegenüber under Vervollständige die Beispielsätze. There eight hours time difference London and California. It warm the house. The London Aquarium is next to the London Eye. Emma stands in front of Ramón. The thin man is standing the girl. Most people escaped to the fields_ the city. The famous church is near the monument. The mouse is the box. There are lots of bridges the river Thames. People have picnics the cherry trees. The post office is opposite the bank. Exercice: prepositions of place Look at the pictures and put in the correct prepositions in the sentences. 0 The file is the desk. 1 She is sitting her parents. 2 Do you like the picture the door? 3 He was working his office. 4 The car was parked my house. 5 Where the waste paper basket? It the desk. 6 The women sitting to John on the plane was wearing big hat. 7 The safe is the picture. 8 They live caravan. 9 young man with long hair was sitting him. Put in the correct prepositions from the box. Use each preposition once. under up to through down between along out of into 0 She was walking the road that goes to the farm. 1 She swam the pool from one side to the other. 2 We ran the hill until we reached the bottom. 3 climbed the stairs to the top of the building. 4 The dog hid the table, so that we couldnt see it. 5 jumped the sea and swam to the boat. 6 The horse jumped the last fence and won the race. 7 The vase is the photograph and the clock. 8 The rain came the roof and into the house. 9 walked the house and went to my car. 10 went the shops and bought some food. Prepositions of time across over Fill in the gaps! 1) There was loud noise which woke us up midnight. 2) Do you usually eat chocolate eggs Easter? 3) What are you doing weekend? 4) My father always reads the newspaper breakfast time. 5) She plays tennis Fridays. 6) We learn English2:15 pm 3:05 pm. 7) The trees here are really beautiful the spring. 8) Shakespeare died 1616. 9) In my hometown, the shops open early the morning. 10) Shem et her husband 1998. 11) We are meeting Friday evening. 12) often get sleepy the afternoon. 13) His daughter was born the 24th of August. 14) Mobile phones became popular the nineties. 15) Luckily the weather was perfect her wedding day. 16) She had nice party the 12th of June. 17) We dont have music Wednesday. 18) We go to school Monday Friday. 19) She arrived the 2nd of November. 20) Lilac blossoms May. 21) This palace was built 17th century. 22) He bought his car March.