Arbeitsblatt: New World 3


Unit 4 Comparative/Superlative
7. Schuljahr
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Brigitte Sutter
Land: Schweiz
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Name: Test Comparative and Superlative P:_/41 Mark: 1. Write the comparative of these adjectives and tranlate them (16) lazy calm easy excited cheerful serious bad much 2. Complete the sentences with the comparative form oft he adjective in brackets. (6) Airplanes are (fast) than trains. Maths is (difficult) than music. Michael Jackson was (famous) than Gölä. Justin Bieber is (handsome) than Axel Rose. Cars are (slow) than trains. The weather in Switzerland is (good) than in England. 3. Whats the opposite? (5) colder interested worst tallest cheap 4. Write sentences with the superlative form of the adjectives. (4) New York is (famous) city in the world. Iam (happy) person in the world. The elephant is (heavy) landanimal. Name: Usain Bolt is (fast) man in the world. 5. Read the text. Complete 1–10 with A, or C. (10) Pets are often friendly, and sometimes they are peoples 1 friends. Here are few of the worlds 2 pets! Parrots, with their lovely bright colours, are probably 3 pets. And 4 parrots live more than 100 years. Some of 5 pets in England are dogs. Dogs usually die when they are about 12 or 15 years 6 but the oldest dog is called Butch. Hes from America and hes 27 years old. 7 dog is Whitney, from England. Shes only 24 centimetres long. Fish make good pets for people in flats, but sometimes they grow very big. The 8 goldfish is Bruce, from China. Bruce is 37 centimetres long. And what about rabbits? The rabbit with 9 ears is Toby. His ears are 76 centimetres long. The 10 jump by rabbit was 46 centimetres, in 2002, by rabbit called Golden Flame. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 good better stranger strangest more beautifulB the most beautiful oldest older the popular the most popular oldest old The small The most small big biggest the longest longest the high highest best most strange most beautiful the oldest most popular the oldest The smallest most big long the highest Name: