Arbeitsblatt: Kriterienraster presentation


Kriterienraster für Präsentationen in Englisch
Anderes Thema
9. Schuljahr
1 Seiten




Petra Fritschi
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Final presentation 3. ISS B/C Date: Topic: Name: 2 points Some mistakes but generally good Some interruptions but they do not interfere with the presentation Pronunciation Very little Some pronunciation pronunciation mistakes mistakes Eye contact The presentation is The presenting person presented by heart or tries to keep eye very little support of contact with the key words cards audience, not presenting by heart Structure The structure of the The structure of the presentation supports presentation makes the presented content sense but it could have very well been more ideal in another way Content Interesting, relevant Well chosen but more for the topic, diverse depth is needed 1 point Many mistakes but still understandable Many interruptions, the presentation suffers from it Many pronunciation mistakes The presenting person looks at the audience few times, needs lot of support from the text on paper There is structure there but it does not necessarily support the presented content in an ideal way One dimensional, superficial, sometimes it does not fit the topic Illustration The illustration is there but does not support suit the presentation. Language accuracy Language fluency Duration 3 points Very little mistakes, excellent Fluent, no interruptions The illustration is chosen excellently and fits the presented content very well 7-8 min The illustration supports suits the presentation 5-6 min 0 point Not understandable, fundamental mistakes No fluency Many words could not be understood No eye contact Very little or no structure, the content is presented in an order or way that does not make sense The content does not fit the topic and does not show an understanding of what the person is presenting No illustration Less than 5-6 min Final presentation 3. ISS B/C Date: Topic: Name: Remarks: Total points: 21 Mark: