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Investigation Game in English
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Sabine Burkhardt
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Detective Preparation You are going to be Detectives (in pairs of two) 1. Together, you think of questions you to ask to the suspects. want Example: What were you doing at that time? Who was with you? Did anybody see you? Who were you talking to? What were you wearing? etc. Attention: The suspects work in pairs too. But you investigate them separately. The more different answers you get from each of them the better. They might be the murderers 2. Write down as many good questions as possible into your notebook to get as many information as possible. Both of you must have the questions. You have 10 Minutes time! Investigation 1. During the investigation you will ask questions to pair of suspects who were together at the time of the murder. 2. You will ask them separately. Each of you will investigate one of them. 3. At the end you get together with your partner and check if both of the suspects gave the same answer to your questions. 4. You will have to give points at the end of the investigation. 5. Two points, if the alibi was okay and the answers were mostly identical. One point if it was half/half. Zero points if they mostly didnt give the same answer. power FIRST Suspect Suspect Preparation The police think that you could be the murderers because you were at the Kathi at the time when the crime happened. 1. Go together in pairs. 2. Think of what you were doing together at the time Bongo was killed. Then create an alibi together. Make it as detailed as possible. Example: What did you do together? Where were you together? What did you wear (both of you)? Who were you talking to? etc. 3. Think of other questions, the detectives may ask you and discuss, what you could say. 4. Learn your alibis and practice them, so that both of you can give exactly the same answer to the same questions. You have 10 Minutes time! Investigation 1. The detectives will ask you separately (each of you alone) about every detail, so be prepared. 2. You are not allowed to have any notes during the investigation! 3. The more different answers you give, the more suspicious you are! power FIRST Lets get started 1.Now let the investigations begin! 2.The suspect groups have to separate. 3.One goes to the left of the room, the other goes to the right. 4.The detectives now have to investigate the two suspects and ask your questions. 5.Take down notes to each answer. 6.Now its time for the detectives to give your points. The pair with the fewest points killed Bongo. power FIRST SuspectSuspect Suspect Suspect power FIRST