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Reading Comprehension Spider Webs All spiders spin webs. That because webs help spiders. Webs help spiders do three things. Webs help spiders hold eggs. Webs help spiders hide. And webs help spiders catch food. Webs help spiders hold eggs. Many spiders like to lay their eggs in their webs. The webs help keep the eggs together. Webs help spiders keep their eggs safe. Webs help spiders hide. Most spiders are dark. They are brown, grey, or black. But spider webs are light. They are white and cloudy. When spiders hide in their webs, they are harder to see. Webs help spiders catch food. Spider webs are sticky. When bug flies into the web, it gets stuck. It moves around. It tries to get out. But it cant. It is trapped! Spiders can tell that the bug is trapped. That because spiders feel the web move. And the spider is hungry. The spider goes to get the bug. As you can see, webs help spiders hold eggs. Webs help spiders hide. And webs help spiders catch food. Without webs, spiders would not be able to live like they do. Spiders need their webs to survive! \ 1) This passage is mostly about A. spider colors B. spider webs C. spider eggs 2) Spider webs help spiders I. hold eggs II. catch food III. find water A. only B. and II only C. I, II, and III 3) As used in paragraph 4, the word trapped most nearly means A. stuck B. hidden C. eaten 4) How can spiders tell when something is trapped in their web? A. They hear it. B. They smell it. C. They feel it. 5) As used in the last sentence of the passage, the word survive means to stay A. alive B. hidden C. caught 6) The passage lists three reasons why spiders spin webs. Of these reasons, which do you think is the most important? How come? 7) Do you like spiders? Why or why not? Have you ever been scared by spider? Have you ever been hurt by one? Have you ever helped one? Explain. 8) Are spiders good? Do we need them in our world? Why or why not? Listening Exercise 1. Do this exercise while you listen. Write number (18) to put these places in order that the tour bus will visit them. . Oxford Street . Madame Tussauds Museum . Tower of London . London Eye . Houses of Parliament . Buckingham Palace . Big Ben . Tower Bridge 2. Check your understanding: multiple choice Circle the best word to complete these sentences. 1. The tour takes 2 3 4 hours. 2. At Madame Tussauds you can see maps of London models of famous people famous shops. 3. Oxford Street is famous street for drinking tea eating shopping. 4. The Queen lives at Buckingham Palace the Tower of London Tower Bridge. 5. Big Ben is tour guide clock bridge 6. You can see great views of London from Oxford Street the Houses of Parliament London Eye. 3. Have you ever been to any of these places? Where did you go? What did you do? Which city would you like to take tour in? Why?