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English Final Test New Inspiration 2 Unit 4 Name: Date: Listening Listen and write the type of TV programme and the name of the programme next to each speaker. 1 Speaker 1 2 Speaker 2 3 Speaker 3 4 Speaker 4 5 Speaker 5 Listen again and write the speaker numbers. Who thinks that his/her favourite TV programme is . 1 frightening? 2 funny? 3 different? 4 relaxing? 5 surprising? 10 p/ English Final Test New Inspiration 2 Unit 4 Adjective – Adverb Complete the sentences. On Sundays always get up early She is sometimes at school. lazy After the film she cried terrible Dont be so before the exam! nervous He is learner. fast Last week saw a_ girl in front of the cinema. beautiful He can dance_ good Every day Peter comes to school. late After listening the text he answered the questions correct They lived ever after. happy Dont copy from your neighbour. permanent He speaks English very fast She loves_ adventures. dangerous They work hard You play the piano fantastic My brother arrives save English Final Test New Inspiration 2 Unit 4 8 p/ The future Complete the sentences with the correct future form: be hope there more wars in the future. not invite Jenny thinks Bob her to his party. explode Run! The bomb any minute! not tell hope Sandra Tony our secret. have We tonight. Can you come? not get hope we ill in our holidays! not change People bake Do you want to help me? get Joe hopes he the money back soon. see Why are you so scared? – the dentist. not forget Lets hope Tim my birthday! rain see lot of black clouds. It soon. give Im so happy! Dad me his motorbike! go dont feel well. think to bed. Will or be going to. no party cake. English Final Test New Inspiration 2 Unit 4 send need your address. you card! crash Watch out! That car into the tree! 16 p/ The simple present tense Complete the sentence in the simple present tense. a) Harry Potter (live) with his aunt and uncle because his parents (be) dead. He (think) that he (be) an ordinary boy. b) One day, he (get) letter. He (try) to read it, but his aunt and uncle (not let) him. They just (not give) it to him. c) More and more letters (arrive). Finally, giant called Hagrid (give) Harry his letter. d) Hagrid (tell) Harry that he (be) wizard. He will go to Hogwarts, school for wizards. Harry cant believe his ears. Hagrid also (tell) him that it was Voldemort, very evil wizard, who killed his parents. e) Then Hagrid and Harry (go) to Diagon Alley together. There they (buy) lots of things, for example, magic wand. English Final Test New Inspiration 2 Unit 4 f) bit later, Harry (take) the train to Hogwarts. On the train, he (meet) boy. His name (be) Ron. Soon Harry and Ron (become) best friends. g) The boys (love) Hogwarts. The classes (be) interesting, but sometimes they (can) be difficult, too. Most of the teachers (be) nice, but some (not be). One teacher, Professor Snape, (not like) Harry. Snape (teach) Potions. h) Harry (find) new friends and (have) lots of fun. He (learn) to do magic and he (play) Quidditch – that (be) sport played on flying broomsticks. i) There (be) only one problem: Voldemort, the evil wizard, (want) to come back and to kill Harry. Harry and his friends (not, have) much time. (can, Harry, stop) him? What (you, think)? 18 p/_ The simple past tense Write down the simple tense of these irregular verbs. English Final Test New Inspiration 2 Unit 4 bite bend bring lay begin drive lend hold keep do drink have forget fall fly fit bet hit break draw 10 p/ Complete the sentences in the simple past tense Yesterday Peter and (go) to the park. We (want) to have snowball fight there. However, something (be) wrong. We (hear) people shouting and children crying. When we (get) to the small lake in the middle of the park,(can) see why everybody was so excited. Some kids had been playing on the frozen lake, and one of them had English Final Test New Inspiration 2 Unit 4 broken in. Everybody (be) scared and nobody (know) what to do. man (jump) into the cold water and (save) the boy. bit later the ambulance(arrive). They (take) him to hospital. Later we (find) out that the boy (be) okay. We (be) very happy too. 15 p/ Ask questions in the simple past tense using the question word. Bob drove home at 8 oclock. When? You phoned your grandma. Who ? received present. What ? Joe read the book because it was interesting. Why ? Tom and were at school. Where ? Her brothers came home at 12pm. When? English Final Test New Inspiration 2 Unit 4 6 p/_ Reading The Treasure of Tutankhamun Read the Treasure of Tutankhamun. Then look at these sentences and decide: true, false or no information. One of the greatest museums of the world is the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. It has about three million visitors year and some of its objects are over 5,000 years old. You cant see everything in the museum in one day, but dont miss the wonderful treasures of Tutankhamun. Theyre about 3,300 years old and theyre amazing. Everyone knows about the fantastic gold and jewellery from the tomb of the boy king- his coffin in the Tutankhamun Room is gold and weighs over 110 kilos. But there are also other objects from everyday life. There are beds, chairs, clothes and 35 model boats! There are also games and musical instruments, including beautiful silver trumpet. The museum is very popular so its often full of tourists- go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Its wonderful place to visit. Statements 1. Tutankhamuns treasures are in Egypt. 2. All the objects from Tutankhamuns tomb are gold. 3. In the museum you can see beds and chairs which are over 5000 years old. 4. You can play games and musical instruments in the museum. 5. Lots of tourists go to see the treasures of Tutankhamun. TRUE FAL SE NO INFO English Final Test New Inspiration 2 Unit 4 Statements 6. TRUE FAL SE NO INFO Its best to go in the early afternoon, since then there arent so many people visiting. Answer the following questions: What objects of everyday life can be found in the museum? What beautiful music instrument can be found? What does the word tomb mean? Underline the correct explanation: a) grave or other place of burial. b) place where one may sleep. c) Any room in building, usually one of several forming suite. What does the word coffin mean? Underline the correct explanation: a) b) c) hot drink made from the roasted and ground seeds. box in which corpse is buried or cremated Calendar, system of organizing one schedule In which city can this museum be found? 11 p/ 94 points: note: English Final Test New Inspiration 2 Unit 4 Thats great!!! finally made it!!!!