Arbeitsblatt: Listening and vocabulary New World Unit 5


Listening zu Neuseeland (How Maui brought fire to the world) + class vocabulary test
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Name: points: / 32 grade:_ Vocabulary Translate the following words (6) desperate unbekannt stolz investigate attempt vorstellen Which word is missing? Fill each of the gaps with word from the class vocabulary. (6) a) James Cook and Charles Darwin are two famous. b) After long dry summer, everybody is for rain. c) In winter, you can snow to get water to make cup of tea. d) You should wear to protect your eyes! e) Even today, across the Atlantic is quite exciting. f) think have to my computer – it doesnt work properly. Translate the following sentences (10) a) The environment is untouched. b) My daily routine is unpleasant. c) We were stranded on an island. It was unforgettable. d) The view from Erlach over the lake Biel is incredible and breathtaking. e) Chocolate cake is delicious treat. Name: points: / 32 grade:_ Listening Listen to the fairy tale „How Māui brought the fire to the world 2 times and answer the questions below. Māori vocabulary: Māui a boy from the village Mahuika the goddess of the fire Pukko, Kiwakawaka, Tui, Rupe, Kiwi birds Mahue, Totara, Patere, Pukotea, Kai komako trees 1. Cross if the statements are true (), false () or you dont know (?). (4) Statement The people from the village are angry at Māui. Māui wants to go to the forest. The birds want to accompany (begleiten) Māui. Mahuika gave Māui fingernail of her burning fingers. Māui throws the flames into lake. Māui and Mahuika are best friends. Māui turned into hawk (Falke). 2. Answer the following questions. (6) a) Where does Mahuika live? b) Why does Māui go back to Mahuika? c) Why did Mahuika die? d) Why did the trees hold on to the fire? e) What did Māui show the people from the village in the end of the story? Name: points: / 32 f) Why do the people in the village need fire? grade:_