Arbeitsblatt: young world 4 - Are we there yet?


Zusatzmaterial zum Buch: Make your own story"
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name:_ Make your own story 1. Choose person or group of people. Give your person or your people name. Who are they? Hello, am They are family. They are couple. They are good friends. He is business man. They are twins. They are sisters. . is the mother of . is the son of . 2. What do they want to do? want to visit . want to go to . He/ She wants to vistit He/ She wants to go to They want to visit They want to go to 3. How do they get there? Why do they travel like that? go there on ./ by , because He/ She goes there on / by They go there on / by , because 4. What do they want to do there? go to want to see/ to play to look at He/ She goes to He She wants to see/ to play/ to look at They go to They want to see to play to look at