Arbeitsblatt: NW3 / Unit 5 / Interview with Tamsin


Der Text vom CB, p. 100 in Einzelaussagen zerlegt und als Zuordnungsübung Fragen/Antworten gestaltet
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Karin Ackermann
Land: Schweiz
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NW 3 Unit 5 CB, p. 100, ex. 13 d) At the research station INTERVIEW WITH TAMSIN GRAY Below you can see some of Tamsins statements. Which interviewquestions do they match? Copy the statements into the correct chart. Unten siehst du einige Aussagen von Tamsin. Zu welchen Interviewfragen passen sie? Schreibe die Aussagen in die richtige Stelle der Tabelle ab. 1. What were your reasons for going to work in the middle of nowhere? 2. How was your travel to Antarctica? 3. How was life on ship for you? 4. What exactly was your job at Halley and Rothera Research Station? 5. Will you go back to Antarctica again? researched the climate change. The first time travelled on the „Ernest Shackleton. was very excited by living far from civilization. thought it would be my last trip, but at home changed my mind. Its hard to keep up exercise on the ship. also investigated the hole in the ozone layer. We arrived after nine weeks aboard the ship. was proud to be part of an important project. helped with cleaning and painting the ship. When we approached Halley we got stuck in the sea ice. The idea of living in temperatures of 40 C was fascinating. will be going back in November. Its quite hard being trapped on 79 long ship. worked to understand Antarcticas role in the climate change.