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Prüfung Unit 10 Open World 2.
8. Schuljahr
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Schönenberger Manuela
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Unit 8 and 9 English Open World 1 and 2 March 2016 Grammar 47 Name: 1. Modal verbs: might, cant, must, could 4 100% sure it is true 50% sure it is true 40% sure it is true 100% sure it is wrong 2. Reading Comprehension. Read the text carefully. Then answer the multiple choice questions (only 1 answer is correct!) Baking By Sam Jarvis, aged 12 My grandmother loves making bread and cakes, and is always surprised that the rest of my family never do any baking. So my parents decided theyd take my younger sister and me on course, so that we could all find out how to make bread – and pizza, our favourite food! We booked our places, and set off for Oakton Farm in the countryside. It was very long drive, and when we arrived we went straight to bed. The next morning we got up early, fed the ducks on the lake, and looked at the bull in the next field. Then we met our teacher, Michael, who seemed quite strict, and the other parents and children, who were really friendly. The cooking part was brilliant. Michael gave us long white coats to wear, which we all felt bit silly in. Then we all made bread rolls, mixing flour and water with our hands. My sister kept complaining at first. Then even she started to enjoy it, and to concentrate on following the instructions. Dad made lots of mess, got flour on the floor and in my hair, and Mum didnt even get angry! took ages to make my rolls, though. We finally put out initials on the bottom of each roll, then made some pizzas and decorated them, which was fun. And we didnt even have to do the washing-up! For something to do while the pizzas were cooking, we all went for swim in the lake. It was fantastic. Then we went back inside and ate our pizzas. They were the best wed ever tasted. 9 Questions: 1. What is Sam trying to do in the text? a. Explain how to bake cakes b. Discuss the importance of knowing how to cook c. Describe how he enjoyed day with hi family d. Inform readers about life on farm 2. Sams parents took the children to Oakton Farm because they wanted them to a. learn new skill. b. make something for their grandmother. c. spend time in the countryside. d. meet other people the same age. 3. What do we learn about Oakton Farm? a. It had lots of animals living there. b. it was far from where they lived. c. It was just like Sam expected. d. it was run by friendly man. 4. What does Sam say about his cooking experience? a. He was better at it than his sister. b. he liked wearing the clothes he was given. c. he could be untidy without getting into trouble. d. he was the first to finish. 5. What might Sam write in postcard to his grandmother? a. made some great bread rolls, but my sister ate them because we didnt know who they belonged to. b. We had to clean up the kitchen, like at your house. But weve made great pizza, just like you taught us. c. loved it, but my sister didnt really. She found it hard to do what the teacher told her. d. We liked swimming in the lake – it helped to pass the time while we waited for our lovely pizzas to be ready. 3. Translate from English to German or from German to English. 10 a) The tickets are so expensive that cant go to the show. (1) b) Going to music festival this summer is fun experience. (1) c) Many successful ice hockey players are Canadian. (1) d) Make sure you follow the directions so you dont get lost. (1) e) Mein Lieblingsplatz inToronto ist Chinatown. (2) f) Der asiatische Elefant ist grösser als der afrikanische Elefant (2) g) Toronto ist eine multikulturelle Stadt in Kanada. (2) 4. Relative Pronouns: Fill in the gaps with the correct relative pronoun. a) The patient had serious disease was taken to hospital immediately. b) Andwil is small villagepeople live quiet life. 9 c) Someone stole my hand bag, contained my wallet and all my documents. d) What is the name of the prison_ Nelson Mandela stayed? e) Ants are small insects_live in big groups. f) We arrived at nice beach we could swim and lie on the sun. g) We left our backpacks, were very heavy, in the youth hostel. h) They finally found the murderer,_was hiding in small village. 5. My favourite festival: Describe festival that you really enjoy and like. Write at least 10 sentences and answer the following questions: Where does it take place? What is it about? What kind of people attend it? What do you like about it? 5