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Test Unit 15 (Grammatik) Name: Punkte: Note: 30 (Note 4: 18P) 1. What are the forms Fill in the right forms (6P) Adjective comparative superlative expensive More expensive Most expensive intelligent easy important bad fast good 2. Superlative (4P) Write sentences with superlatives. You can start the sentence with For me a. difficult – school subject. b. important – thing – in my life c. exciting – television program d. great – person – in sports 3. What or Which? Complete the following questions (5P). s your name? size do you want – small, medium or large? hand do you write with? is pelican? is the most direct way to the Australian outback? are your bags? is the more direct way to Zurich, via Bülach or via Winterthur is your favorite drink? is your dog? – The brown one. is sleeping berth? 4. Compare these three men (6 sentences). (12P) 5. Reading Comprehension – Read the text and answer the question: (3P) Christopher Columbus was born in Italy in 1451. He was the first European since the Vikings to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to America. Columbus was sure that he could sail west to find new route to the spice ports of the „Indies (Asia). King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain paid him to make his voyage. In 1492, Columbus set sail with three sailing ships. After 36 days the crew sighted land, in the Bahamas. The local people were amazed to see the strangers. Columbus called the local people Indians, for he believed he had reached the Indies. In fact, he had discovered new world – America. 1. What nationality was he? 2. Was he Viking? 3. Why did he want to sail west? 4. Who gave him the money? 5. How many ships were there under his command? 6. What was the first land they saw?