Arbeitsblatt: Preposition of direction


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Following directions Look at the map, follow the instructions and say where exactly they will take you. Keep in mind that you are travelling by car in Britain (driving on the left). 1. You are at the golf course. Go down Park Road, turn left, go up as far as the set of traffic lights and turn left. The place you are looking for is the second building on the right. It is A. The shopping centre B. The baker C. The post office D. The market 2. You are at the petrol station. Go straight ahead, past the factory and turn left. Then go as far as the third street and turn left again. At the roundabout, take the third street and there you are. The street you are looking for is A. London road B. King way C. High street D. Queen avenue 3. You are at the railway station. You go straight ahead, past the traffic lights and take the first street at the roundabout. The place you are looking for is the last building on the right. You are at A. the museum B. the petrol station C. the butcher D. the policestation 4. You are at the policestation. Go up the street opposite the policestation, and turn left. Go as far as the set of traffic lights, turn right and take the first street on the left. Go straight ahead for about two hundred yards and turn right. You are near A. the railway station B. the camping site C. the shopping centre D. the golf course 5. You are at the restaurant. Go straight ahead, over the bridge and across Queen avenue. Then take the fourth road at the roundabout. Go down, turn left, then take the first on the right. The place you are looking for is half way down the street. It is A. the shopping centre B. the hotel C. the library D. the grocer