Arbeitsblatt: Will Going to Test


9. Schuljahr
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Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Future Forms: Will – Going to 8.Klasse name: date: 02.05.2016 1. Will- Future: Schreibe die folgenden Sätze in der Zukunft und in der gewünschten Form (9P) 1. (I answer the question) 2. (she read the book) 3. (they drink beer) 4. (we send the postcard) 5. (Vanessa catch the ball) 6. (James open the door) 7. (we listen to the radio) 8. (they eat fish) 9. (she give him the apple) 2. Going – to – Future (10P) 1. his friend. (to phone) (he/) 2. new computer game. (to play) (we/?) 3. TV. (to watch) (my sister/-) 4. picnic next Tuesday. (to have) (you/?) 5._ to work by bus. (to drive) (Tom/-) 6. for one hour. (to swim) (they/?) 7. his room today. (to clean) (his brother/-) 8. her hair. (to colour) (Jenny/) 9. my hair. (to cut) (I/?) 10. with their friends tonight. (to party) (Sophie and Nick /) 3. Will or Going to? Use the correct form (20P) a. think he b. (help) me with this exercise. (not learn) all day tomorrow. My friend Tina asked me to come to the beach. c. Anne bought lot of books so she her holidays. d. hope it e. Dont forget that the people (read) lot in (not be) too difficult to find job. (come) tomorrow. Everything is prepared for them. f. Bye-bye, (see) you. Wait minute! (lead) you to the door. g. Theyve already packed their things. (they/visit) their aunt in Scotland? h. Thats my mobile phone! It answer it. i. That exercise looks difficult. help you. j. Tonight stay at home. My friend lent me this DVD. k. Next Wednesday take my driving test (Fahrprüfung). l. feel terrible! throw up (erbrechen). m. She probably (möglicherweise) till Thursday. n. They fly to New York next summer holidays. o. hope she have good time in New York. p. Run! The dog chase (verfolgen) you. q. think Tina like our surprise. r. Your suitcase (Koffer) looks heavy. take it. s. Oh dear, Im sorry, completely forgot about cooking dinner. Give me t. 6 39-38 moment, make some spaghettis right now. Thanks for offering help, but Im ok, Jane help me. 5.5 5 4.5 4 37-35 34-32 31-29 28-26 3.5 25-23 3 22-20