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EG test unit 11 name: points: date: /56 note: 1. Ask questions: use do does (8) a) Paul speak French? b) you like coffee? c) they play football? d) her best friend live in Urdorf? e) Frank like his job? f) and your friend like English? g) Franks mother speak Italian? h) Franks parents live in Zurich? 2. Underline the correct form! (Unterstreiche die richtige Form!) (4) Frank works work in disco. He doesnt work dont work in the afternoons – he always starts start at 8 in the evenings and finishes finish at 2 in the morning. Claire and her friends usually goes go to the disco Futura on Fridays, but they doesnt go dont go there on Saturdays. They sometimes meets meet at the sports centre on Saturdays. On Sundays, they does do their homework. 3. Fill in the gaps! (Fülle die Lücken aus, so dass ein logischer Dialog entsteht) (6) you in England? No, . Where you live? I in Switzerland. Claire pizza? No, What she ? She spaghetti. 4. Find the missing form! (Ergänze die Tabelle mit den fehlenden Formen) (7) -Form Form Question Claire likes fish Claire doesnt like fish Does Claire like fish? Tom doesnt like French. Do you like spaghetti? Peters mother goes to the disco. Diana and Tom dont live in Zurich. Do your friends speak French? We learn Spanish. Her uncle lives in America. 5. Translate! (Übersetze ins Englische) (4) Strasse nahe Liebe Grüsse wann Was? bald Dorthin Brief 6. Form questions (6) friend does Italien best your speak go do to by you bus school you friends and do your school to Saturdays go on English smoke does teacher your book like English do your you Claire her friends the like and disco 7. Whats the answer (8) Do you like holidays Yes, Does Linda live in Zurich Yes, Are your parents happy? Yes, Are you clever Yes, Do you and your family live in Bern No, Do you like school? No, Is Maria Spanish? No, Do people in London like tennis? No, 8. Question-tags (6) Toms English, isnt he Paul goes to work by bus, You learn French, Simone lives in Urdorf, You like Michael Jackson, Maya and Isa like swimming, Anita is French, 9. dictation (7) Dear Claire