Arbeitsblatt: Test Unit 19 and Unit 20


Dies ist eine Prüfung zu den Units 19 und 20 des Lehrmittels Non Stop English 1.
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NSE 1: A. Test Unit 19 and Unit 20 Name: Class: Points: Signature: Mark: Write the opposite. (4) 1) younger 5) the youngest 2) colder 6) the coldest 3) bigger 7) the biggest 4) better 8) the best B. Date: Complete the sentences. Use comparative. (4.5) 1) Helens car isnt very big. She wants one. 2) An Audi is an expensive car but Ferrari is. 3) Youre not very tall. Your brother is and your father is the . 4) Your plan isnt very good. My plan is . Which one is the? 5) think history is boring subject. But German is and maths is the . 6) Its not very warm in Switzerland. Its in Spain. C. Use the comparatives and superlatives. (8) How tall How old How heavy Claire 1.62 14 3m 52 kg Tim 1.64.m 14 2 56 kg Elizabeth 1.69 15 55 kg Christian 1.74 15 11 63 kg A.1 Compare Claire with Elizabeth and write two sentences about them. • • A.2 Compare Tim with Christian and write two sentences about them. • • A.3 Compare Christian with Claire and Elizabeth and write two sentences about them. • • NSE 1, Unit 19 and Unit 20 1 D. Compare (5) Example: Compare the taste of: banana – lemon – sugar (sweet) banana is sweeter than lemon. Sugar is the sweetest. Now its your turn. Compare 1. the size of a) London – Zurich – Dietlikon (big) 2. the price of a) an apple – potato – lemon (cheap) b) bottle of whisky – bottle of water – bottle of milk (expensive) 3. the climate: a) winters in Italy – Germany – Sweden (cold) b) summers in Alaska – England – Spain (warm) E. Fill in the correct form of the adjective. (4.5) 1. Australia is .(big) than England. 2. The tour to Ayers Rock is .(expensive) than the tour to the Kakadu National Park. 3. Cyclones are .(dangerous) than thunderstorms. 4. Sydney is not the .(large) city in Australia. 5. The .(famous) sight of Sydney is the opera house. 6. The Ningalo Reef is not as (big) as the Great Barrier Reef. 7. like this man because he is the (good-looking) of all the men know. 8. The house is as .(small) as the church. 9. He is the .(good) guitar player of our school. NSE 1, Unit 19 and Unit 20 2 F. Questions (6) What questions must you ask to get these answers from Claire? The English you know 3, Unit 21, p. 186 (repetition) G. Vocabulary (14) Find the right translation for the following words (English-German or German-English). 1. sonnig 2. Insel 3. Es regnet in Strömen. 4. Berg 5. Spaziergang 6. Zeugnis 7. besser als 8. Berg 9. Fluss 10. Stadt 11. wichtig 12. Kaufpreis 13. ansehen, schauen 14. aufregend NSE 1, Unit 19 and Unit 20 3 H. Vocabulary II (6) Fill in the missing word. Picture, NSE 1, p.101 I. A, B, D: C: E: F: G: H: I: entrance Writing (12) Write to Claire. Tell her about your subjects at school and add some information about Switzerland (e.g. about the biggest lake, the largest town, etc.) Write on separate answer sheet! Anzahl Punkte Bewertung: Deine Punkte Gesamteindruck (Aufbau und Originalität) 2 Pt. Anzahl verständlicher und sinnvoller Sätze 1 Pt. pro Satz, maximal 8 Pt. Grammatik und Rechtschreibung 2 Pt. Dieser Test war für mich: sehr einfach einfach NSE 1, Unit 19 and Unit 20 nicht sehr einfach schwierig zu schwierig 4