Arbeitsblatt: Marley and me


Übung zu Kapitel 1-4
Lesen / Literatur
7. Schuljahr
2 Seiten




Monika Keckeis
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Summary Bring the summaries into the correct order Chapters 1–2: 1 John Grogan is man who has loved dogs every since the time his father gave him dog when he was child. They drive to the dog owners house and choose puppy that has taken an interest in them. While they are driving away, they see wild looking dog in the woods and John assumes that it must be the puppys father. However, he has very loving heart as the couple discovers when they lose their unborn baby and Marley grieves with them. He and his wife, Jenny, both work on newspapers and live in Florida. They inquire about the father of the puppy, but the dogs owner seems reluctant to talk about him. They are told to return and collect the dog in three weeks. One day he sees Jenny looking at an advert for Labradorpuppy. They decide to call the dog Marley, after the late Bob 10 Marley, the reggae singer. While Jenny is on holiday with her sister, John brings Marley home. Marley is an excitable dog who loves company and chewing things. Jenny and John take him for walks on the beach, where they discover he is very difficult to control. She is thinking that looking after dog would be good preparation for looking after baby, which they plan to have. Chapters 3–4: She tells John not to bring his dog to class again for while, using the excuse that Marley is too young. When they return, they are met by an exhausted Kathy, who seems to be in hurry to get away 1 from the dog. The couple decides to take Marley to dog obedience class. They are happy family and soon to be bigger one, as Jenny announces she is pregnant again The couple talks to their friend, Dr. Jay, who recommends that he neuter Marley, as this will calm him down. Marley behaves very badly and the teacher puts this down to the owners not being strict enough with him, and not letting him know who was boss Marley loves the baby and is always at his side. He is later neutered and appears very relaxed 9 after the operation. Sometime later, Jenny has baby boy, who they name Patrick. The couple decide they need vacation and go to Ireland, leaving Marley at home in the care of Kathy, colleague of John. week later, while they are driving to the doctors, Marley tries to jump out of the car and causes traffic problem.