Arbeitsblatt: YW2 Unit 4 Test


Exploring nature - Test Unit 4
4. Schuljahr
3 Seiten




Isabelle Oeschger
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Englisch Test YW 2 Unit 4 13. April 18 4. Klasse Oeschger Name: Max. Punkte: Deine Punkte: Note: 30 Unterschrift: 1. Draw line to the correct animal. /4 Mit Massstab! squirrel woodpecker owl deer fox blackbird snail hedgehog snake 2. Colour the materials. /5 Colour Colour Colour Colour Colour the trunk of the tree yellow and the branches purple. the nails blue and the box orange. the rope red. two sticks green and the others brown. the boards. Three of them are white and the others black. 3. What can you do in the woods? Tick the sentences. /4 Nail board to tree. Run after rabbit. Tie board to tree. Watch the animals. Lean sticks on tree trunk. Take your rubbish with you. Make fire under tree. Cut branch off tree. 4. Draw the things in the right place. /5 1. squirrel is sitting on the tree. 2. rabbit is sitting on the left side of the tree. 3. deer is eating some grass behind the tree. 4. In front of the tree there are some grey stones. 5. mouse is living under the tree trunk. 5. What is it? Write the correct answer. /4 It goes up the tree to the leaves. It holds the ground together. They clean the air. It is sitting on branch and is singing. roots leaves blackbird water 6. Complete the table. Fill in each word only once. Look at the photos on the blackboard. /3 The owl is. The blackbird is. The deer is. The fox is. The squirrel is. The other blackbird is . singing running sleeping eating sleeping flying 7. What is wrong? 5 Find 5 things that are wrong in the picture. Colour them red. Make correct sentence about the things that are wrong. Use the present continuous (ing-form). Ex._ ride off the path He is riding off the path. cut into tree throw rubbish on the ground cut off branch run after rabbit make fire 1. . 2. . 3. . 4. . 5. . Good luck!