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English Test Unit 8 1. SNA 1a 22nd June 2006 Listening: a) Listen to part of radio programme about Helen. She lives on an island. Number these things in the order that you hear them. /2 b) Listen again. Complete the chart with two things Helen likes and two things she doesnt like. /2 school Likes Doesnt like swimming discos see friends 2. 3. Reading: Read the text and answer the questions. Translate the following German sentences into English language. German sentence Gibt es dort Löwen auf der Insel? Was mögen die Leute an Paradise Island? Es/das macht nichts. Man kann auf den Hügeln nicht Skilaufen gehen. Man kann im Fluss oder im Meer fischen. Es hat dort keine interessanten Gebäude. Wir gehen immer am Morgen an den Strand. Jedermann hier lernt Englisch in der Schule. English sentence /3 /12 Vergiss deine Kamera nicht. Ich habe kein Geld. Machen wir eine (Ruhe)Pause! Möchtest du schwimmen gehen? 4. Finish the sentences. Use me/us/him/her/it/them and ?. /10 1 Who ist that woman? Why are you looking at. 2 Do you know that man? Yes, work with. 3 talk to you. Please, listen to. 4 These photographs are nice. Do you want to look at. 5 like that camera. Im going to buy. 6 Where are the tickets? cant find. 7 We go out. You can come with. 8 dont like dogs. Im afraid of. 9 Where is she? want to talk to. 10 Those apples are bad. Dont eat. 5. Write to each picture two sentences using the verb want. /8 6. Complete the sentences with some or any. /6 a) There arent shops in this part of town. b) Do you know good hotels in London? c) Have you got brothers or sisters? d) There are beautiful flowers in the garden. e) Im going to the post office. need stamps. f) George and Alice havent got children. 7. This is your family. You are Bob, 10 years old, and you have dog called Roby. Write 5 sentences about your family using the possessive adjectives: my his her our its /5 a) b) c) d) e) 8. Complete the sentences with the correct pronouns. /7 a) Where are my DJ Bobo records? havent got. Are in your room? b) No, but Mums in the kitchen. Lets ask . She can tell where are. c) Look! Janes got new coat. Do like d) Tom and Sue: Perhaps Tess plays with . Lets ask e) Go to the sponsors after Sunday. Tell them our distance and ask for the money. f) Our activity is on Sunday. She is organising , so please listen to. g) Tell Sue and Tom about the party, if see . 9. Writing: Write five sentences about your country. Use these ideas. 1. Where can you go? 2. What can you do? 3. What can you see? 4. What can you eat? /5 a) b) c) d) e) Total points /60