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DIY Palm Pipes The drinking straw flute was such success, was anxious for my son to make another instrument. When found instructions to make palm pipes out of PVC here, knew my son would be psyched. We started with one 5-foot length of -inch cold water PVC pipe (price: less than $2). My husband cut it into the following lengths: 23.6 cm (F) 21.0 cm (G) 18.75 cm (A) 17.5 cm (B flat) 15.8 cm (C) 14 cm (D) 12.5 cm (E) 11.8 cm (F) With some fine-grit sandpaper, we smoothed the edges bit. When my son came home from school, we read whimsical book by Steven Kellogg. His account of the Pied Pipers journey and magical flute was wonderful with playful illustrations that added to our enjoyment of the story. Now it was time to make some beautiful music of our own. When my son saw the lengths of pipe put on the table, could see the wheels in his brain turning. He thought we should tap them together to make music. explained that these were pipes. When he lined them up longest to shortest, he figured we were just making another pan pipe to blow into. All good conclusions but wrong. Before revealed how to play these pipes, we ran few pieces of painters tape around each and used different colored permanent markers to add stripes in different colors. Then told him to place letter stickers on each and told him the order of the letters. These letters were the music notes each pipe would play. With our pipes colored and labeled, there was nothing left to do but play them. Thats when told my son to pick pipe and tap one end of it against the palm of his hand. WHOA! The sound plays music note, with each pipe being tuned according to their lengths. Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do he played. To keep our pipes from rolling all over the table, placed kitchen towel underneath them. Then he tried his hand (literally) at My Country Tis of Thee and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star using the notes included with the instructions used. This was riot!! Our toddler had fun with them. My husband had fun with them (tapping them in syncopated rhythm against his thighs). And that night before reading with my son, had fun with them too, using them to make sound effects to accompany an impromptu poem about leaky faucet, light and heavy rain, etc. These are blast!!