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Working Paper zum Easy Reader Breaveheart - die SuS können die Fragen und Aufträge aus dem Easy Reader auf ein separates Dossier lösen statt ins Buch hinein.
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LITERATURE Braveheart Working Paper Name: Date: My personal word list . . . . Word List among (prep) in group of army (n) countrys soldiers who fight on land battle (n) fight between two large groups of soldiers beat (v) to win against another person or group in fight or game castle (n) very large strong building to protect people from attacks Governor (n) local ruler grave (n) the place where dead person lies under the ground handkerchief (n) small piece of cloth that you keep in pocket hunger (n) being hungry, having no food leather (n) animal skin used for making shoes, bags and clothes Lord (n) title for an important man noble (n) an important person with special title rebel (n) person who fights agai8nst the government serve (v) to work for (a person or group) to be useful spear (n) long sharp stick that is thrown at an enemy sword (n) sharp thing, longer than knife, for fighting throat (n) the inside of your neck that food and air passes through truce (n) an agreement between enemies to stop fighting for short time trust (v) to believe that someone is honest and will not hurt you weapon (n) anything that people use for fighting, like knife or gun Page 5 Before you read 1. Read the Word List at the back of the book. Find these words. a. This happens when two armies agree to stop fighting for time. b. In the time of William Wallace, men fought with these and these. c. When Edward was king of England, these people lived in castles. d. If something is tied tightly round this, the person may die. e. When person dies, they are put in here. f. You need this if you have cold. g. One army beats another army in this. 2. Read the Introduction to the book. Complete these sentences. In the film of Braveheart, an Australian (a) plays Scottish (b) who fights against the army of an English (c) The book Braveheart is story by an American (d) 3. Have you heard of William Wallace? He is an important person in Scottish history. Who is important in your countrys history? Write down your answer. While you read 4. Read the questions and write the names. Who: a. orders the deaths of thirty Scottish nobles? b. finds the bodies in the farm building? c. does William play with on his farm? d. does William live with after his father dies? e. is Isabella married to? f. does the king want to give land in Scotland to? g. will Scottish girls have to sleep with on their wedding night? h. wants to rule Scottland? After you read 4. Finish these sentences. a. The Scottish nobles and the English king are fighting because b. Kind Edward shows he is not honest because c. Williams father doesnt carry sword or spear because d. John tells William to get out of the farm building because e. Isab4ellas marriage to Prince Edward is not happy because f. The Scottish people dont trust the Balliols and the Bruces because Pages 5-11 Before you read 6. Write down the answers. a. What kind of man will William grow into, do you think? . . b. Which things will he remember most when he is older? . . c. Will the little girl with red hair be important in the story? How? . . While you read 7. Tick () the things that are true about William. a. He rides into the village but nobody notices him. b. He doesnt remember Murron. c. He fights with his old friend Hamish. d. He invites Murron to ride with him. e. They talk for long time by the lake. f. He returns the flower that Murron gave him many years before. g. He goes to rebel meeting. h. He joins the rebels immediately. 8. Choose the best answer. a. Who makes Helens wedding day unhappy? her father the local lord Robbie under the stars in an old b. Where do William and Murron marry? in the same church as Helen church c. How does Murron escape from the soldiers? on horseback on foot she doesnt escape d. What does Hesselrig do with Murron? he keeps her in prison. He kills her. He sends her home. After you read 9. Work with another student. You were at Helens wedding. You were in Lanark when Murron was caught. Have this conversation. Student A: You want to join the rebels. You want Student to join you. Student B: You have young family to protect. You have to think of them first. Pages 11-17 Before you read 10.What will William do when he learns that Murron is dead, do you think? Will he: e. Leave Lanark and never return? f. Join rebel group and plan to attack the English? g. Go straight to Lanark and kill Hesselrig? While you read 11. Are these sentences true () or not true (x)? a. Murrons death breaks Williams heart. b. The English soldiers can easily stop William and the rebels. c. Hesselrig has turned Wallace into rebel. d. William has nothing to lose and he is not afrai to die. e. William is wild and angry. f. The people of Lanark want to follow William Wallace. g. After he kills Hesselrig, William kills Lord Bottoms. 12. Underline the mistakes in these sentences. Write the right words. a. Prince Edward is the king of man that Isabella likes. b. King Edward is proud of his son. c. Robert the Bruce and his father will not fight w8ith Longshanks in England. d. Old Campbell thinks the rebels can beat the English. e. William doesnt have plan to beat the English. f. The rebel soldiers are from Lanark. After you read 13.William Wallace explains his idea to catch Lord Dolecroft and his men. Put these words in the right places. Get excited in the middle perfect into the wet ground show they are frightened kill on three sides This place is (a) . There are hills (2) . The ground (c) is very wet and soft. Here is the plan. First we let the English see few of our men. Our men (d) and run away. The English will (e) and ride after them. They will ride (f) , and their horses wont be able to move. Then we will (g) them. Pages 18-23 Before you read 14.Work with some other students. You are English nobles. You have heard about Lord Dolecroft and William Wallace. Say what you think of the news. Say what you think Longshanks and Prince Edward will do now. While you read 15.Circle the correct words in italics. a. The Scottish nobles at Stirling Bridge plan to fight make truce with the English b. The soldiers in the Scots army think the nobles will attack watch from the hill. c. William Wallace tells the men to fight run if they want to be free. d. Wallace accepts refuses Lord Talmadges offer. e. The Scots kill the English horsemen and horses with their long spear short swords. f. The war in France is going well badly for the English. g. The king needs more weapons men. After you read 16.Read this report of the battle. Put the sentences in the correct order. Scots beat English! At the Battle of Stirling Bridge, 17 June 1297 a. Lord Mornay and the Scottish horsemen came round behind the English and killed them when they were running away. b. The English and Scottish soldiers fought terrible battle. c. The English foot soldiers crossed behind them. d. The English horsemen rode across the bridge. e. The horsemen rode towards the Scottish soldiers. f. The Scottish soldiers killed the English horsemen with their long spears. g. When the English saw they could not win, they tried to get back over the bridge. Pages Chapter 3 Before you read 17.One of these people will help William in Chapter 3. Which one, do you think? Longshanks Prince Edward Robert the Bruce The King of France Princess Isabella While you read 18. Are these sentences right () or wrong (x)? One day William will be King of Scotland. William plans to attack the English on their own land. Prince Edward has made the English army bigger. Price Edward plans to hang Wallace at York. Wallace sends the head of the Governor of York to Edinburgh in bag. Longshanks murders Edwards friend. 19. Draw lines between the words on the left and the right to make correct sentences. William thinks Isabella speaks Latin and will send more French. Isabella looks at William and not soldiers. The Governor of York lied to Isabella. William is just like Murron. The Scottish nobles murdered every Scot in York. Longshanks falls in love. After you read 20.Two English nobles watch the Battle of Falkirk from hill. Use these words to complete their conversation. believe fighting for king lands many Mornay new First noble: Wallace wont (a) us again with his (b) . Second noble: No! Well surprise him with our weapons. First noble: Why is (d) riding away? Second noble: The € has given him new (f) . First noble: There are too (g) of us for them. Second noble: Theres Wallace. Who is he (h) ? First noble: dont (i) it! Its Robert the Bruce. Hes fighting (j) Longshanks! Pages Chapter 4 Before you read 21.Work with another student. Have this conversation: You are Williams men, Hamish and Stephen. You have lost the Battle of Falkirk. You cannot trust Lord Mornay, Robert the Bruce, and the other Scottish nobles. What can you do next? While you read 22.Underline the mistakes. Write the right words. William can get help for Scotland from abroad. William rides his horse into Lord Mornays dining room and kills him. When he was boy, William saw 61 dead English bodies in the MacAndrews farm building. Isabella and William spend the day together. The Scottish nobles plan to hide William from the English. Robert the Bruce is behind the plan. Isabella tells Prince Edward that she is carrying Williams child. After you read 23.How do these people feel when they see or hear about the terrible death of William Wallace? a. Hamish and Stephen b. Longshanks c. Princess Isabella d. Price Edward e. Robert the Bruce f. The people of Lanark g. The people of York h. The Scottish nobles i. you Writing 25.Imagine Murron doesnt die in Lanark. She and William live together on Williams family farm. Describe their life. 26.Robert the Bruce talks to friend after Williams death. He is sorry for thins he has done. He doesnt have much hope for the future. Write the conversation. 27.You work for the King of England. Write report for the king about one of the fights or battles in this story. You can be honest, but dont forget that the king will read it. 28.You are Hamish. You are old now and you live in Lanark. Tell your grandchildren about William Wallace. Tell them that you once fought next to him. 29.You work for modern travel company. You have to make William Wallace tour for visitors to Scotland. Write an advertisement for the tour. 30.Not all the facts in this story are true. But it is good story! Does it matter if books and films change history? Write your opinions. Think of other examples. 31.The ordinary Scottish people in this story love William Wallace. Why so they love him? Why do they follow him even though it is dangerous? 32.It is year after William Wallaces death. Princess Isabella has had her baby. She writes to friend. She tells her about the baby and her life now. Write her letter. 33.Think of an important person from your countrys history. Find out about her or him. Write about her or his life. 34.How much do you know about Scotland What is the capital city? What are the top football teams? What is the highest mountain? Find out some facts.