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Great Expectations Oral Exam
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Billy Elliot Mr 2ISS ASummer 2018 Oral Test Name: You should be able to 1. 2. 3. 4. provide an oral summary of the story in your own words. provide an oral personal reflection on the story in your own words. talk in detail about at least three of the characters in the book. answer open questions (LARGE D) about the book which will be based on questions you had to complete whilst reading. Criteria Reading Speaking Your use of vocabulary is correct (Words/Verbs) 5/ Your sentences are grammatically correct. 2/ You have fluent pronunciation. 1/ You have comfortable speaking tempo. Very few breaks in the flow of your speech Content Your version/summary of the story is full and correct. 1/ You have well-informed opinion about the book. 4/ Your character description is well rounded and complete. Billy 2 Father 1 Other character 1/ dialogue argument about the text takes place. FRAGE Total 4/ points: 25 mark: 5/ 3/ 25/ Unterschrift: