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All about Albert Einstein
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Name: English, 6th grade Albert Einsteins discoveries Who was Albert Einstein? Albert Einstein was scientist. He came up with new ideas about time and space. He formed new theories about how the universe works. Einsteins ideas made him famous and changed what people thought about the universe. His new ideas led to new types of science. Because of this, people called him genius. His ideas are still important today. Where did Albert Einstein grow up? He was born in Ulm, which is in Germany, on March 14, 1879. His father, Hermann, was businessman. His mother, Pauline, loved music. She passed this love for music on to Einstein and his younger sister Maja. In the picture you can see Einsteins parents. When Einstein was born, his mother worried because his head was large. He looked different from other babies. And then, he didnt start to speak when he should have. child usually says some simple words by his or her first birthday. But Einstein did not 2 speak until he was between two and three years old. Einsteins parents had no need to worry. He was smart. He also was very curious. When Einstein was 5 years old he started being interested in science. What was special in his time? Einstein grew up in Germany during the 1880s. Many things were different from how they are today. For example: There were no radios or TVs during the 1880s. Instead, the people read newspapers and magazines to get their news. Also, the sailor suit was very popular style for boys and girls. At that time there were railroads, but no cars or planes. Most people walked or used horses to get around. How was Albert Einsteins schooling? 3 Einstein started school when he was six years old. As boy, he loved to explore. He also liked to think for himself. Schools at that time were very strict. Teachers told the children what and how to think. Because of this, Einstein didnt like school. But he loved to learn. Einstein taught himself math and science at home. He fell in love with physics. Thats the science of energy, matter and movement. When Einstein was 15 years old he and his family moved to Milan in Italy. Einstein stayed in Munich to finish school. But soon he left to join his family. Einstein only studied the things he liked and ignored everything else. Einstein went to Zurich in Switzerland to study at university but didnt pass the entrance exam. He then went to high school nearby instead. He was allowed to do lots of experiences there. Later on in life he got into university. What did Einstein discover? In the year 1905 Albert Einstein wrote 4 papers. The papers changed science forever. People were amazed at what he had done in such short space of time. They called it his miracle year. 4 In his 1st paper he wrote about light. He argued that light was actually stream of tiny particles. In his 2nd paper he found out that atoms and molecules are real. In his 3rd paper he argued that no matter how fast someone is moving, the speed of light stays the same. And in his 4th paper he wrote between the relationship between energy and matter. He said that energy and matter are two forms of the same thing. Cool facts about Einstein: In 1952 Israel asked Einstein to become their second president. But he turned down the offer. Albert Einstein was talented violin player. Albert Einstein refused to wear socks because they got holes in them. Glossary Word in English 5 Word in German scientist the universe to worry curious grew up (to grow up) to get around to explore strict thought himself math physics Matter the movement to ignore the entrance exam nearby amazed argued (to argue) Atom molecules to turn down to refuse 6 ein Wissenschafter/ein Forscher das Universum sich sorgen machen neugierig aufwachsen/gross werden herumkommen Explorieren/erkunden streng sich selber beibringen Mathematik Physik ein Material/eine Masse die Bewegung ignorieren Die Aufnahmeprüfung in der Nähe erstaunt/überrascht argumentierte Atom ein winziger Teil einer Sache Moleküle zwei oder mehrere Atome zusammen etwas ablehnen sich weigern