Arbeitsblatt: The king and the queen


Theaterstück zum spontan vorlesen und vorspielen für Native-Klassen und höhere Englischklassen.
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Textauszüge aus dem Inhalt:

Once upon time in kingdom It is absolutely silent. No one is on stage yet. Once upon time, there lived king with his queen. They had beautiful daughter. The king enters the room and sits on his chair. The queen enters the room and sits on her chair. „An important day is before us, says the king. „Yes my husband, says the queen. She sighs. Then she gets up. „Do you think our daughter will like the prince she will have to marry? „That doesnt matter, says the king. „She is our daughter, so we decide. „You are so right, says the queen. She sits down again. She sighs. The king sighs too. They sit in silence. The princess enters the room. « Mother, fahter » she says. « Is the day today » „Yes, answers the king. „Oh yes, says the queen. „Will like him?, the princess asks. „Sure, says the queen. „You have to, says the king. The princess sits down and sighs. The king sighs. The queen sighs. They wait in silence for while. The prince enters the room. He holds gift for the queen, but he is very clumsy and lets the gift fall. He picks it up again. „Queen, am honored, he says and gives her the present. „Welcome and thank you, the queen says. The prince turns to the king. „Your majesty, he says. „Prince, the king says. The princess gets up. She is nervous. « Hello prince », she says. The prince wants to kiss her hand, but he is very clumsy and he falls down. He gets back up again. « Hello dear princess », he says. The princess eyes him from head to toe. She does not seem to like him. „Prince, she says. „I am so honored to meet you, the prince says. « Me too », the princess forces herself to say. The prince doesnt know what do first. Then he sits down on the chair next to the princess. They all wait in silence. The butler enters the room. He puts down glass in front of everybody. „Your majesty, he says. « will return with the drinks. » He leaves. They all sit in silence. „Mother, father, need to talk to you! says the princess. « Leave, prince », the king tells the prince. The prince leaves. « Mother, father, do not like the prince. He is clumsy and ugly. dont want to marry him », the princess says. The audience gasps. « We say who you will marry » the king says. « Yes », the queen adds. The audience gasps again. The princess wants to says something else and opens her mouth. Then she closes her mouth again. They sit in silence. The prince returns and sits down. The butler returns. He pours wine into all the cups. « For the special day, your Majesty », he says. He bows and leaves. The kings takes up his cup and stands up. „Yes, for the special day! To our daughter and her future husband » The queen takes up her cup and stands up. „Yes, to them both » The king and the queen clink their glasses together. The king drinks. The queen drinks. The king coughs and falls down and dies. The queen is shocked and wants to help her husband. She falls over the king and dies as well. The audience gasps. The princess gets up. The prince gets up. „Mother! Father » shouts the princess. « What mess », says the prince. He takes his cup. „To the king and the queen! May they rest in peace. He wants to drink. „No!, shouts the princess. „The wine! Its poisoned! She slaps the cup out of the princes hand. The prince is astonished. « You saved my life », he says. « Yes. », the princess answers. « dont want you to die. » She falls in love with the prince. „I dont want to die either, the prince answers. He falls in love with the princess. They embrace eachtother. The audiene applaudes. „We should rule and live happily ever after, says the princess. „Yes, we will, says the prince. They stand in silence. The butler watches everything through the door. He looks angry. He goes back to the kitchen. We hear him shout: „No, no, no! want to be king! nearly got there! No, no, no! The play ends. The people in the audience clap their hands. The actors come to the front and bow. The audience claps harder. They bow again. The audience goes crazy, claps harder, gets up and shouts. The actores leave to the room happily. The audience becomes quiet. It is over.