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Homework PET Writing Part 2 Task 1: You are going to take part in skateboarding competition, but your skateboard is broken. Write note (35-45 words) to your friend Danny. In your note you should explain how your skateboard broke ask to borrow Dannys skateboard say when you will need it. General information: Writing Part 2 is worth 5% of your total PET mark. You have around 10 minutes to complete Part 2. You have to write VERY short note. You LOSE marks for writing more than 35 45 words. You DONT lose marks for small spelling and grammar errors. You MUST include ALL three points in the question. Use the questions as your PLAN. Write 10 words for each bullet point. Notes or emails are normally written in an informal style. Guess what? is often great way to start. Now, try again with Task 2: Youve just bought something new for your kitchen. Write an email (35 – 45 words) to your friend Sally. In your email, you should describe what you have bought explain why you needed it say where you are going to put it.