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Grammar Unit 3.3 Past continuous 1. What is the present continuous? What is it used for? The Past Continuous is past tense that is formed and used similar to the present continuous. 2. Read the following sentence and mark the past simple form red and the past continuous form blue. He was walking to school, when the meteorite hit him. Use: We use the past continuous to describe what was happning at particular time in the past, to give the to an event: ----------------------------------------He was walking to the school bus-------------------------------------- when the meteorite hit him. Form: Subject was/were main verb –ing rest You was were doing speaking homework on the phone More examples: He was walking to the school bus when he saw ball of light. It was travelling at about 500 km/h when it hit him. My ears were ringing for hours. She wasnt feeling well. What was he doing? Was she reading? No, she wasnt. 1 Grammar Unit 3.3 Fill in the table with the past continuous form of the verb to walk: affirmative negative question short anwers you he/she/ it we you they Practice: Look at the pages 38 39 in your Students Book. Complete the sentences with the past continuous of the verbs in brackets. 1. The photos show the group when they famous places in London. (visit) 2. Emma near the monument. (sit) 3. Jay over the bridge. (not/walk) 4. Ramon and Kristin at the camera. (smile) 5. They at the river. (not/look) 6. Kristin next to Jay? (stand) Yes, she 7. Emma banana? (eat) No, she 8. everyone fun? (have) Yes, they 9. Alexey photos? (take) No, he 10. it (rain) No, the sun (shine) 2