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a an some any this that These those
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Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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a, an some, any 1. Is there tea in this kitchen? 2. Are there any girls in your class? No, there arent 3. The Browns havent gotchildren. 4. havent got books to read. 5. Sorry, there isnt more tea. 6. Are there lamps in the house? 7. Have the Collins got children? 8. Is there book on the table? 9. Has Mr. Evans got coffee? 10. This is interesting newspaper. 11. Is there any coffee in the kitchen? Yes, there is. 12. There are cups of tea on the table. 13. Have the Evans got flat? 14. Have you got any glasses? No, havent got 15. Have you got chair for me? 16. Is there beer in the glasses? 17. There arent flats to rent. 18. There isnt water in the glass. 19. Is there any coffee in the cup? Yes, there is 20. There isnt beer in the bottle. 21. Are there boys in this class? 22. In the park there are very nice trees 23. Im reading interesting book. 24. Mrs Green is having coffee with milk. 1 25. Mr. Smith is having bread. 26. There are children in the street. 27. Is there wine in the glass? 28. There are girls in this class. 29. Is there any beer in the glass No, there isnt 30. Has Peter got interesting books? 31. Have they got books? 32. Are there_ girls in your football team? 33. Have you got paper clips? 34. Here, have nuts! 35. Is there_ sugar in my coffee? 36. My brother has got new jeans. 37. Are there_ apples on the tree in your garden? 38. Have we got butter? 39. Theyve got_ baby giraffe in the zoo. 40. Im going to the market to buy_ fruit. 41. There isnt tea in the pot. 42. They can have bread and butter if theyre hungry. 43. Are there_ eggs in the fridge? 44. There policeman at the door. 45. Is there_ news about the plane crash? 46. There was_ accident on the bridge last night. 47. There are_ good films on at the moment. 48. My aunt is living in_ very nice house outside the city 49. cant brush my teeth because there isnt_toothpaste left. 50. Let me give you_advice. 51. There arent_taxis here. You must walk down the street. 2 52. The dog is thirsty Give him_water. 53. You need_paper and pair of scissors. 54. Have you got antiseptic cream 55. flowers arrived for you this morning. 56. Im going to get money from the cash machine. this, that, these or those 1. Look atnewspaper here. 2. are my grandparents, andpeople over there are my friend grandparents. 3. building over there is the Chrysler Building. my mobile phone and is your mobile phone on the shelf over there. 5. photos here are much better than photos on the book. 6.was great evening. 7. Are your pencils here? 8.bottle over there is empty. 9.bricks over there are for your chimney. 10. John, take folder and put it on the desk over there. 11.Ill be with you some time evening. Johan seemed very happy afternoon. Ian is in Germany all week. 3