Arbeitsblatt: YW 3 Unit 2


Young World 3 Unit 2
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Choose the right form of the verbs. Butterflies (need/needs) sunlight to warm their bodies. So next time you (see sees) one sitting in the sunshine, (remember remembers) that it (are is) not lazy. There is butterfly which (drink drinks) the juice of rotten fruit. If the fruit (have has) turned to cider, the butterfly (can cans) get so drunk it cant fly. Some butterflies (have has) wings like church windows. The glasswing butterfly (live lives) deep in the jungle, where it (fly flies) close to the ground and is very hard to see. Butterflies in cold places (sleep sleeps) through the winter. Some oft hem (spend spends) the winter as eggs, caterpillars, or pupae. The others the adult animals, (is are) in cave, under leaf, or in house. Fill in the correct forms oft he verbs below. love, see, wear, sit, need, be, listen drink, know, drive afraid of spiders. Bridget lot about the Titanic. Ben and Anny the same clothes. He to loud music. Plants water to grow. We swimming and hiking. The dog in front oft he door. You boat in the picture. The car too fast. They always milk for breakfast. Choose the right verb from. can, jump, lives, likes, are, live, catches, lay, jumps, are, are, fly, has The frog from one leaf to the other. frog be green or brown or . The frog long tongue. With his tongue it insects, such as flies. Some frogs about 100 eggs. Not everybody the croaking oft he frogs. There different soundso croaking. The flying frog in the tropical rainforest. These frogs and There very small and colourful frogs. Many oft hem poisonous. They in South America. Infinitiv can jump live have be catch fly lay like you he, she, it we you they Possessive Pronouns am going to Toms school. will tell Lindas friend about the book. Look at the dogs eyes. This is my familys garden. Mike and Sues car is red. This is my familys house. Please put this in Mark and Lauras letter. Tom looks at Laura and says: „Is this pencil? am goint to Jacobs performance. Look at the turtles shell. Does that look like Mike and Sues car? Please put this on Mark and Lauras patio. Did you see the peacocks feathers? Fill in the missing yord (possessive adjective). go for walk with dog. In the wood meet friend with dog. dog and dog play together. So we can talk. Next day see friends in the pet shop. They buy food for hamsters and rabbits.