Arbeitsblatt: Super Bus 2 Unit 1-7


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14 River Street Oxford 12 November 2016 Dear Lisa My names Kate. Im ten. Ive got two sisters and brother. like animals. Ive got five pets: dog, cat, two rabbits and hamster. live in River Street. Theres supermarket, sweet shop and clothes shop in my street. The river is near my house. There is also big park. go to school by bike. My school is in New Street, near the police station. Please write me soon. True or false! true false Kate lives in New Street. Theres supermarket in River Street. Kate has got sister and brother. Kate likes animals. She has bird. Near Kates house is big park. The police station is near to Kates school. Alex go to school by bus. Wild animals Elephants are very strong/big animals. Theyve got small/big ears and very tall/long trunk. They are grey/black. Elephants live in grasslands/cold places. They eat grass/meat. Giraffes are very big/tall animals. They are brown and white/yellow. Theyve got short/long neck and long legs/tails. Giraffes lives in grasslands/lakes. They eat grass/leaves. Interview (Verbinde) Whats your name? like high jump. How old are you? oclock. Where do you live? get up seven like ham and pizza. What time to you get up? like red. What time do you have breakfast past seven. have breakfast at half What time do you go to school? Im ten years old. Whats your favourite colour dont like sports. Whats your favourite number Im Peter. Whats your favourite TV programme oclock. go to school at eight Do you like sports? like cartoons. Whats your favourite sport? live in Bern. Whats your favourite food like the ten. Read Boy: Hello! Shop Assistant: Hello Boy: How much is sweet? SA Thats 10p. Boy Whats the time SA Its quarter to four. Boy I would like two bananas, grape and two apples. SA Thank you and goodbye.