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Test über versch. Kompetenzen aus NW3 Unit 4
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Name: New World 3: Test Unit 4 1. Vocabulary: 1) Fill in the missing words from Unit 4 with their correct form into the following spaces (3) a) Dont be loud and talk in an English test! dont think that you want to your classmates. b) Birsfelden is of Basel. c) On beautiful day like this could sit on in the park for hours. d) love eating icecream with vanilla . e) The people like to go shopping in the big in the city centre. f) There is selling only fakes in the streets of Chinatown. 2) Write down English words from Unit 4 for the following explanations. a) very bad dream (3) b) expensive c) very rich d) many people e) person walking on the pavement f) high 3) Write the American or British English word from Unit 4. British English (2) American English first floor lift truck rubbish bin 2. Grammar: 1) Fill in the list with comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives. (2) adjective comparative form superlative form easy dangerous 2) Compare the following things with correct English sentences. Use the adjectives given. a) important: English/German (2) b) safe: the countryside/city life c) good: FCLiverpool/FCBasel d) hot: Italy/Great Britain 3) Write correct English sentences with the superlative forms of the adjectives given in the examples. Start your sentences with This is. a) bad/food/in town (2) b) expensive/gem/in the jewellery c) long/street/in America d) heavy/animal/on Earth 4) Write the following sentences in their negative version. (4) a) Felix likes Mathematics. b) Donald Trump can speak German very well. c) Malea and Divya are in the garden. d) Koray visited Turkey last year. 3. Listening: (3) You are going to hear different people asking for directions in Cambridge, England. For each dialogue, draw line on the map to show where they have to go. Also mark the final destination on the map and write its name. Mark on the map how and where 1. Rory and Laura can find the ADC THEATRE. 2. Roger can find the FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM. 3. Brenda can find the SPORTS CENTRE. 4. Writing: Claire wants to go to school. Describe the way to Sidney Sussex College with correct English sentences. (content: 3; language: 2) 5. Reading: Read the texts and answer the questions with correct English sentences on the next page. a) What places should the following people visit? Write the attractions down. (2) Recommended places to visit I love ferry rides. Theyre so much fun. also like visiting places with an interesting and unusual history. Im music lover and my dream is to record song!‘ Im keen photographer so want to go to the place with the best views. I really want to go on some exciting rides. Ive just taken up surfing too so Id like to learn more about that. b) Answer the following questions with correct English sentences. (l: 1) 1. What record has the Golden Gate Bridge got? (1) 2. What things can you do at Universal Studios? (2) 3. Where in Santa Cruz can you find the Surfing Museum? (1) 4. What kind of sightseeing tour can you book in San Francisco? (1) 5. What place would you like to visit most? Write why! (1) c) Mark the correct sentences with tick . (3) gym is large room with exercise machines to build up muscles. In Alcatraz prison you can visit criminals. You can meet real film stars at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. Space Mountain is the name of one of the hotels in Disneyland. You can enjoy rides on rollercoasters in amusement parks in California.