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Prüfung zur Unit 4 im Open World inkl. Voci-Teil
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Exam Unit 4 Name: 54 Class: A1e Points: Complete the texts with the correct preposition of time from the selection below. in on at fromto 1. My father always reads the newspaper breakfast time. 2. Shakespeare died 1616. 3. Do you usually eat chocolate eggs Easter? 4. What are you doing weekend? 5. She plays tennis Fridays. 6. We learn English 2:15 pm 3:05 pm. 7. The trees here are really beautiful the spring. 8. She had nice party the 12th of June. 9. In my hometown, the shops open early the morning. 10. We are meeting Friday evening. 11. His daughter was born the 24th of August. 12. Luckily the weather was perfect her wedding day. 13. He comes back midnight. 14. want to be doctor the future. 15. She plays tennis Fridays. 16. always travel my birthday. 17. Mike is his room the moment. 18. always study the afternoon 5:30. 18 Complete the sentences with can cant could couldnt 1. Laura has practised lot. She play the guitar very well now. 2. When she was child, Laura play the guitar. 3. When he was boy, my dad climb this tree. 4. My grandmother wants to run marathon, but she do it anymore. 5. When my grandmother was 20 years old, she run marathon. 6. When they were two years old, my brothers speak French. 12 Complete and translate the sentences with the modal verbs: could would should 1. you like to have dinner with me tonight? 2. They hear him because he was whispering. 3. My son be home by now. Where can he be? 4. you please help me wash the car? 5. Soll ich dir eine Tasse Tee bringen? (2P) 6. Würdest du mir bitte den Weg zeigen? (2P) 7. Könnest du mir bitte das Salz geben? (2P) 8. Als ich zwei war, konnte ich bereits einige Wörter sagen. (2P) 12 Complete the sentences and link the two sentences with the conjunctions: and but eitheror neithernor 1. She could take the bike the bus to school, because she had broken leg. 2. Listening to music helps you relax forget about your problems, dont forget that you can disturb others with your music. So keep the volume low. 3. When you go to restaurant, first ask the waiter politely for the menu 6 then order your food. If you like the food, give the waiter large tip, if you dont like it, only give small tip. 4. You can have some cake dont eat too much. Take piece from the fruit pie the chocolate cake, not both. After everybody has had some cake, you can go back get another piece. 5. If you tell joke, your cat your dog will laugh about it. 6. We could fly. We could go by train. (2P) 7. You can have coke. You can have lemonade. (2P) Translate the sentence with the correct conjunctions. 8. Du kannst entweder ins Kino gehen oder ins Restaurant, aber du kannst nicht beides tun. (2P) 12