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Unit 4 water on earth Top deck 2 WS 1 Vocabulary Use these words: global warming hail – snow – well – green house – salty– ice caps ocean – glacier – drought – tap water vapour . . . . . . . . WS 2 story Finish the sentence/ Summarize the story in your own words Beende die Sätze Fasse die Geschichte in eigenen Worten zusammen. 1) The organization WaterAid supports countries where people 2) People often get ill from . 3) The regional government started programm to build 4) Bomani is the coordinator of the project and at the moment he is creating 5) When we have map of all 6) With GPS technology the workers can 7) The materials to build or repair the wells are simple because the people in the villages. 8) With the new well the village people do not have to walk 5 hours anymore. It usually and the water in this well is 9) For the women from Malawi two advantages are WS 3 story verbs to tell the story german present form past form 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Write your own sentences in the present 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Write your own sentences in the past 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 WS 4 About water on Earth 1. Read the three texts in the pupilsbook on page 40-41. Words you dont understand you look them up in the classdictionary. If there is no explanation in the CDic then you write them on the lines underneath. 2. Write the words from the box in the correct column. 1. Lies die drei Texte in dem Pupilsbuch auf Seite 40-41. Wörter die du nicht verstehst schaust du im Klassenduden nach. Wenn da keine Erklärung ist im KDud dann schreibst du sie auf die Linien unterhalb. 2. Schreibe die Wörter in die korrekte Spalte. Industries burn fossil fuels, coal, oil some islands will disappear in water 12 of swiss glaciers melted sun heats water in the oceans water vapour is very light gas water vapour cools and forms small drops drops fall from clouds more dioxide into the atmosphere rivers will dry up, there will be more droughts thick blanket around the Earth The water cycle why is it getting warmer? How does it affect us? words dont understand (and are not in the classdictionary) WS 5 About water on Earth Find the word below in the grid to the left. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Across Down 3. Ice crystals that fall from the sky. 1. What provides the energy that drives the water cycle? 6. Water that has been heated to gas. 2. The process of water droplets or ice crystals falling from the sky. 9. Frozen rain. 10. large body of water that flows across the land. 12. large body of salt water. 13. The process of changing from water vapor to water droplets. 3. small body of water that flows across the land. 4. The process of water moving through the world by precipitation, evaporation, and condensation. 5. The process of water turning into vapor. 7. These form in the sky when water vapor condenses into water droplets. 8. large body of fresh water. 10. Water that flows in streams and river into the oceans and lakes. 11. Water droplets that fall from the sky.