Arbeitsblatt: How I met your mother


Staffel 1 Episode 10 Aufgaben und Lösungen zu einer Folge
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8. Schuljahr
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Luca Fleischli
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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English Title: How met your Mother – The Pineapple Incident Name: Date: 1. This is going to happen in the tenth episode. Read and translate. After drinking too much (_) alcohol at the bar, Ted blacks out (_). He wakes up the next morning with sprained ankle (_), burned jacket, phone number written on his arm, pineapple (_) on his dresser, and an unknown woman face down in his bed. With the help of his friends, Ted tries to piece together (_) exactly what happened the night before. 2. Which character said the following sentences? SENTENCE 1. But theres one story dont remember. Well, should go get dressed. Check out table number four! So think lot. Ted, hes right. You overthink. So, they were some unanswered questions. am vomit-free since 93. But am kind of on date right now. And we love you, drunk Ted! And then we brought you home and put you to bed. And the night begins now, all right! Youre bluffing. Whose number is that? am going to throw up! You know who might have something to say about Teds future with Robin? Ted, think you and should have talk about these phone calls last night. Hes kind of cute. Damn it Trudy, what about the pineapple? We agreed to be friends. We never found out where that pineapple came from. 3. How does Ted feel in the end? CHARACTER