Arbeitsblatt: Project task NW 4 Unit 1


Arbeitsblatt für die Projektarbeit am Ende der 1. Unit im Coursebook New World 4.
8. Schuljahr
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Tobias Liedtke
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Worksheet – Project Task Work in your project-groups! 1. On page 22 in the coursebook fill out the checkered (kariert) box. Do this alone. You can use all the worksheets and pages in the book we did together. 1.1 Help each other find nice phrases and adjectives. 2. Write your music review. DONT write it on page 23, instead write it on separate piece of paper. Use so and such. Include different aspects of music and different descriptions. 2.1 Review your music review in your project-groups and give each other tips and feedback! 3. If you want to: show your music review to me, so can give you short feedback. 4. Practice your intonation which word is stressed? (betont). Practice to present your music review in an enthusiastic way. Use stress and intonation. Your review must be presented fluently and well intonated. Check if your review is within the time-limit! 5. Practice your reviews together to form nice dialogue. Use question tags and short answers for the dialogue! Remember the time-limit!