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Lernstandskontrolle zum Stoff der beiden ersten Lektionen der Unit 6. Zusätzlich enthält die Prüfung eine Übung zur Kontrolle des Leseverstehens und ein Hörverständnis. Grammatik: present perfect (irregular verbs p. 127 be-let) present perfect with just/ever/never pres
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New Inspiration, Unit 6, lesson 12 p. 127 past participle Name: Date: Points: 58 P. Mark: Listening comprehension (_ /15 P.) Decide if the sentence is TRUE (T), FALSE (F) or UNKNOWN (U). 1. HST is the abbreviation for high-speed train. 2. The TGV is faster than the Japanese Shinkansen bullet train. 3. Its often easier and faster to travel by train than to fly. 4. The ICE and the AVE both travel in Germany. 5. There are as many fast trains as never before worldwide. 6. Maglev stands for magnetic levitation technology. 7. Their top speed exceeds 500 km per hour. 8. The Maglevs are an English invention. 9. Two same magnetic poles repel each other, different ones stick together. 10. The TGV Lyria floats on cushion of air. 11. Maglev trains are reality now. 12. Shanghai is town in Taiwan. 13. The first commercial Maglev train needs 7 minutes 20 seconds for the 30 kilometres to the sea. 14. The average speed of the TGV in France is 250 km/h. 15. The Maglev in Shanghai travels at top speed of up to 500 km/h. Grammar present perfect (_ 25 P.) a) Complete the sentences and questions with the present perfect form of an appropriate verb. (5) 1 A: Have you an argument? B: No, we. 2 Tracy hasnt her brother with knife. 3 You have horrible to me today! 4 A: Have you out how to use the camera. B: Yes,. 5 A: What have you today? B: Weve tigers, hippos and monkeys. 6 A: Has Ellen any presents? B: No, she . b) Read and complete the text. For each number 1–10 choose the correct option A, B, or D. (10) Kari: Jim: Kari: Jim: Kari: Jim: Kari: Jim: Kari: Jim: Kari: Jim: Kari: 1 2 3 4 5 Have you (1) to another country? No, (2) . really want to go to countries like China, Japan, Egypt (3) to Egypt. Wow! You lucky thing! Why? My parents went there for work for two weeks so went with them. (4) the pyramids then? Have you (5) down the Nile? Yes, (6) all those things. But Ive never (7) joke and Ive never acted in play. Im too shy. Have you (8) about this before? No, this is the first time. Well done, then. Youre getting better. Do you know any jokes? Yes, of course, and Judy (9) me good one. Tell me then. OK. (10) the joke about never gone ever been not ever been ve been Have you seen Did you see sailing been sail never went ever went just never ‘ve never ‘ve never been You have seen You did see sail sailed 6 ve done s done 7 say tell 8 never talked never talk 9 has just said has ever told 10 You have heard Have you heard c) Complete the chart. (10) German word sein bringen fliegen schlagen kennen verlassen kämpfen Infinitive past participle ‘ve do done told said ever talked just talked has just told has ever said You did hear Did you hear machen wachsen lernen Reading comprehension 10P.) (_ Read the texts, choose the correct person for questions 1-7. Then answer the other three questions. Toby My favourite place is Hong Kong. love it. Its so beautiful – its on the sea, with mountains all around and its full of shops and high buildings. Hong Kong never sleeps – its always busy and always crowded. Some people dont like that but do. It means you can always do things and meet people. And at weekends you can go to the mountains and visit the country parks or the beaches on the small islands. Hong Kong is great – big, fast city and lovely, quiet country but its very, very hot. Anys My favourite place? dont know. like lots of things in lots of places. There are the waterfalls in Zimbabwe – Victoria Falls. Theyre really spectacular. Then love the Taj Mahal in India because its so beautiful and so romantic. like Bangkok too because love shopping in all its markets and its big, busy city, and love eating there too. Thai food is so good. And Egypt with all its fabulous monuments. No, dont have favourite place. want to travel until Ive seen all the countries in the world! Mitra The place like most is New Zealand – it really is beautiful. Its very green, has lots of mountains and snow and beaches, and the weather is good too. The people are friendly and the country isnt crowded. Thats what like – lots of big, empty spaces. You can eat well in New Zealand too – lots of fish and meat. And theres so much to do there. You can go sailing, walking, skiing, surfing, swimming – all in one day if you want! And the wild animals are fantastic, especially the sea animals like the whales. Nicholas know the place that like best – its where live. It isnt beautiful, it isnt exciting, there arent lots of things to do, there arent lots of monuments to look at, but know it and know lots of the people. know where can go to meet my friends, where the best shops are, what time the cinema starts, where all my friends live. This is very boring, know, but thats fine. The place like best is my home town. like travelling but always want to come back here. 1 Who loves city life? 2 Who likes exotic food? 3 Who is happy staying at home? 4 Who loves seeing the wild animals? 5 Who hasnt found his/her favourite place yet? 6 Who doesnt like places with too many people 7 Who doesnt really like the weather? 8 Which place has good market? 9 Which place is good for outdoor activities? Why? 10 Which place is always full of people? Writing P.) (_ 8 Write life questionnaire and answer the questions yourself. Use different verbs! Warst du schon einmal in Paris? Question Ja, ich war schon in Paris. Answer