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FCE Vocabulary practice
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Make or do? general vocabulary Task 1. WORDS USED WITH MAKE OR DO Look at the sentences below and decide whether they should be completed with the verb make or the verb do. The form of these verbs will need to change in most sentences. Use the words in bold to help you. 1. Has your mother will yet? 2. She her piano exercises every morning. 3. The storm lot of damage last night. 4. Who will be the speech at her wedding? 5. We large profit when we sold our house. 6 There lot of work still to be 7. At the moment he great efforts to learn Spanish. 8. They lot of business with European countries. 9. Im not the washing today. 10. When we got to the hotel, the beds hadnt been 11. The workmen are so much noise we cant use the telephone. 12. We are good progress towards finishing the house. 13. He didnt mean to any harm. 14. His wife usually all the housework. 15. The milk boiled over and mess on the stove. 16. cant today crossword it too hard. 17. Are you going to Christmas cake again this year? 18. How much money did you last year? 19. It took us hours to the washing up after the party. 20. He an inquiry about trains to Edinburgh. 21. need to quick phone call before we leave. 22. Dont such fuss it only little scratch. 23. She mistake in typing the address. 24. We friends with some French people on holiday. 25. Our company is small but it well. 26. She few notes before her speech. 27. She was the ironing when came home. 28. Companies often loss in their first year of operations.