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My job as an elf -> short text about what an elf has to do on christmas. 11 multiple choice questions.
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My job as an elf few years ago, worked as an elf at holiday resort in Lapland, in the north of Sweden. The resort was in forest. Visitors and workers stayed in small wooden cabins all around the forest. There was one large cabin where people ate meals. started work there in the middle of November and stayed until just after Christmas. Tourists used to stay at the resort for four days. On the first day, they arrived at the airport and travelled to the resort by coach. didnt have to work until the evening. Sometimes went skiing. Then, while the guests had their evening meal, worked behind the desk in the reception. helped people find their cabins, told them about the program and sold tickets for extra tours. didnt dress as an elf at that time; wore the hotel uniform. On day 2, and three other elves got up at about eight oclock in the morning. Of course, it was still dark at that time. In Lapland it gets light at about half past ten during the winter, and it gets dark again soon after two oclock. We dressed in our elf costumes and drove across the snow to cabin in the forest. Inside the cabin, there were huge presents We had to wrap the presents. There were mirrors in the cabin windows. These made us look very small. When tourists looked through the windows, they saw us as tiny elves. On the third day, we went to different cabin – Santas cabin! This was the day when the children finally met Father Christmas. The children would meet Santa and get toy. Then they came into the elves workshop to meet us. This room was full of toys and beautifully decorated with Christmas tree. and the other elves pretended to make toys and chatted to the children in our own elf language. The next day, the tourists went home and new group arrived. worked on reception again. Working as an elf was great fun, and magical way to spend Christmas! Vocabulary elf: Elfe wooden cabin: Holzhaus Coach: Reisecar light: hell soon: früh to wrap: verpacken einpacken tiny: winzig to pretend: vorgeben (er gibt vor jemand zu sein) Reading 2 Total points: 11P Points you made: Mark: Pass from 7 points Signature: Good Luck There is only one solution per question! (Each gives one point) 1. Where did the writer stay while working in Lapland? a. b. 2. How long did she work at the resort? a. about 2 weeks b. about 6 weeks c. about 10 weeks 3. How many nights did tourists stay at the resort? a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 4. How did she spend day 1 of the tour? a. Collecting tourists from the airport b. Giving skiing lessons c. Having free time 5. On which days did she wear her elf costume? a. Days 1, 2 and 3 b. Days 2 and 3 c. Day 2 only 6. At 8 oclock in the morning it was.outside. a. very dark. b. just getting light. c. light. 7. The mirrors in the cabin. a. made the elves looked smaller. b. made the cabins looked bigger. c. allowed the elves to get ready. 8. On Day 2,. a. tourists only saw the elves through the cabin window. b. the elves played with the visitors children inside cabin. c. the elves had to wrap the childrens gifts. 9. On day 3, a. children met Santa and the elves in the same room. b. children met Santa and then met the elves. c. children met the elves and then met Santa. 10 What did the writer do on day 3? a. b. b. c. 11 The writer worked at the reception. a. every evening. b. once every three days c. once every four days c.