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Finde das richtige Verb zum richtigen Tier and fun facts
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Look at the picture and fill in the gaps with the correct action verbs. RUN – FLY – SWIM – TALK – SING – JUMP – CLIMB WALK Exmaple: The bird can FLY and SING but it cant SWIM or RUN. 1. The giraffe can and but it cant or 2. The zebra can and but it cant or 3. The elephant can and but it cant or 4. The parrot can and but it cant or 5. The lion can and but it cant or 6. The rhino can and but it cant or Fun animal facts! The lion is strong, dangerous and fast. It is called The King of the jungle. Baby lions cant see. thirsty lion can drink for 20 minutes! Eagles can see fly and very far. They can see rabbit 1.5 Km away! Be careful rabbits! However, they are not very strong, they cant lift heavy things. Giraffes are very tall beautiful and gentle. They can clean their ears with their tongues and run very fast but they cant jump or fly. Do you like snakes? dont! They are fast, dangerous and aggressive. Snakes are reptiles and have scales. Some snakes can eat monkeys and pigs but they cant hear or walk. True or false? Correct the false ones 1- Snakes are dangerous and aggressive. . 2- Some snakes eat monkeys and giraffes. . 3- Eagles are very strong. . 4- Giraffes can clean their ears with their feet. . 5- Baby lions can see 1.5 km away. . 6- Lions can eat for 20 minutes. . 7- Giraffes cant jump. .