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Name: Date: Class: Credits:/43 Mark: Parents signature: Text /10 Vocabulary /13 structures /20 Cardiff is city of attractions, sport, culture and entertainment. You can choose from historic houses and castles, wildlife and water sports. There are world-class stadiums for rugby, football, cricket and athletics. And of course there is the International Sports Village – Cardiff is sports fan dream come true. You can visit the famous castle and climb to the top of the tower – it spectacular to see the city from there. The castle is bit scary – there are ghosts there – spooky, boo! For kids there is paintball and outdoor activity center – you can spend an exciting day with lots of fun there. You like nature? You love flowers, birds, cycling and swimming in lakes? Then the Lake District is the right thing for you! In the Lake District you can find mountains, valleys and many lakes with small islands. Go hiking there and enjoy the amazing landscape. There are big and small lakes with footpaths around them – it really nice to walk around lake completely. The most fantastic picnic areas are waiting for you! If you dont like hiking you can go by ferry or you can hire rowing boat. There are also romantic small villages at the Lake District with many cafes, pubs and shops. Dont forget to visit the famous adventure playground at the UK visitor centre. Understanding the text True, false or not in the text (n.i.t.t)? Tick the correct box. statements 1. In Cardiff there are world-class stadiums for rugby, football, cricket and athletics. 2. You can visit the famous castle. Its bit scary. 3. There are no outdoor activities for kids. 4. In the Lake District you can find millions of roses. 5. It is not possible to walk around the lake completely. 6. You can hire rowing boat. 7. There is famous adventure playground at the UK visitor centre. true false nitt /7 Which word is it? Look again at the ext and find the words. They are all in the first half of the text! 1. If something is known for wide range of people it is. 2. whole day with lot of fun is. 3. When you ride your bike you go . /3 Vocabulary Fill in the missing words. 1. One is 1.6 kilometres. 2. Canoeing isnt, its easy. 3. If you go outside in the rain you need an umbrella and. 4. The view is so(pretty)! 5. The people in Wales are called. /5 How would you say the following sentences in English? 1. Ich brauche dicke Socken.. 2. Wir sind endlich da 3. Lass und einen Handel machen. . 4. Wir müssen das Zelt aufstellen. . /8 Structures Compare the books. Use information from the table and the words in brackets. long expensive exciting easy Harry Potter 352 pages 12,99 *** *** Gregs Diary 224 pages 8,99 ** ** Magisches Baumhaus 144 pages 7,95 ** a) „Magisches Baumhaus is (long) Gregs Diary. b) Harry Potter is (long) of the three. c) Gregs Diary is(expensive) „Baumhaus. d) Gregs Diary is(exciting) „Baumhaus. e) Harry Potter is (exciting) „Baumhaus. f) Harry Potter is (easy) Gregs Diary. g) „Magisches Baumhaus is (easy) of the three. /7 Compare the people or things. a) Jane is 1,40m, Tom is 1,60 m. - Tom is (big) Jane. b) Franks birthday is on the 1st of July 1999, Karens birthday is on the 1st July 1999, too. - Karen is (young) Frank. c) In April, there are usually about 18 C, in August there are usually 25 C. - August is (hot) April. /3 weekend in Wales. Emma is on the phone with her friend Cara. Shes really excited about her next weekend and she tells Cara what shes going to do. Complete the dialogue. Cara: Hi Emma. (watch/you) the match tomorrow? Emma: No,(???). I(go) to Wales with my family. (be) so great. Cara: Wow!(what/you/do)? Emma: We(not go) up the mountain but we (visit) Cardiff. Cara: (your brother/eat) lots of pizza again? Emma: Yes, (???), Im sure. My brother loves pizza! Cara: (have/you) so much there! See you next week, Emma. /10