Arbeitsblatt: Lernkontrolle unit 1 new world 5


Lernkontrolle unit 1 «backpacking down under» vom Lehrmittel new world 5 mit Lösungen
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8th November 2019 9th class, secundary school Zäziwil Name: Test of unit 1 New World 5: «Backpacking down under» Marks achieved: out of 32 Note: Parents signature 1. Reading comprehension: The Uluru experience (10 marks) Read blog entry by Tim, who is travelling in Australia. Tim writes about Uluru, an important place for the Aborigines. Then read the questions on the next page and answer them: Uluru. What great experience! Hi guys! Well, for once in my life Im speechless Ive just come back from trip to Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, huge outcrop in the middle of the Australian Outback. It was absolutely amazing. had been obsessed with the idea of seeing it one day, ever since heard about the place from one of my teachers. She told us it was magical and spiritual place for the Aborigines. Somehow it just fascinated me. And she wasnt wrong! joined up with crowd of other young Europeans for day trip to Uluru. Did you know that depending on what time of day you see this enormous rock it seems to be different shade of red? Mornings and evenings are especially beautiful. We arrived in perfect time to see glorious sunrise. Most of the tourists took millions of photos. myself just sat there, stunned. What an amazing sight! So, anyway, after exploring the visitors centre we had guided tour by local lady. She explained what the rock meant to her ancestors. She told us that Uluru is sacred site, holy to the Aboriginal people, so you shouldnt climb on the rock. Later on, we even had go at creating some artwork in the Aboriginal style, which was really fun! When we walked around the rock we were just amazed by its size. already knew it was about 350 metres high, but somehow youre just not prepared for it to actually BE that huge! You can also go for different walks further away from the rock, but you MUST take plenty of water and sun protection. Also, you have to be prepared to get red dust all over your walking shoes! So if youre any good at geography, you might be wondering how got to Uluru, considering that its probably about 1,500 km (!!!) from the Australian coast, where stayed last. Its in remote area they call the Red Centre. Well, what you have to do is fly to Alice Springs, the nearest town, but its actually pretty easy and the ticket wasnt expensive. As for the accommodation, well, THAT was expensive, especially for what was basically youth hostel – no great luxuries there! Still, had everything needed: running water, bed to sleep in and delicious barbecued dinner (I had huge steak: yum!). And the atmosphere with all the visitors on the terrace in the evening was great, with lots of music and chatting. OK, so maybe Im not quite speechless after all. See you again here soon! Tim Statement 1) 2) 3) 5) When he got to Uluru, Tim sat down because it was still dark. The local guide suggested they buy some artwork in the Aboriginal style. Aboriginal artwork uses dots and symbols to tell stories. 6) Tim forgot to take sun cream with him. 7) Tims last destination before Uluru was by the sea. 8) Tims flight to Alice Springs cost him lot of money. 9) Tim ate barbecued meat for his dinner at the hostel. 4) True False Not in the text Tim was speechless when he first heard of Uluru from his teacher. Tim travelled to Uluru with other tourists from Europe. 10) Tim played the guitar on the terrace of the hostel. 2. Past, present or future? (6 marks): past My uncle goes playing golf once week. We bought our new car just before Christmas. May be they will travel to Germany next month. My brother is going to start new job on Monday. My mum works for the government. forgot my wallet in the restaurant last night. How many people live in New York? Why was he in bad mood after the trip to Australia? Oh no, my neighbour is singing again! Youre the best player in our team this season. Are we going to sleep in tent? My dad cant speek Spanish at all. present future 8th November 2019 9th class, secundary school Zäziwil Name: 3. The present perfect: questions. Write questions using Have Has ever (6 marks): 1 George – fly in helicopter? 2 Anna – buy any clothes online? 3 the children – cook dinner for their parents? 4 you – read book in English? 5 we – do better than the other team? 6 it – be hotter than today? 4. Present perfect: irregular verbs. Fill in the gap with verb in brackets in the present perfect (10 marks): 1 This flower has (grow) lot. 2 This man has just (break) his leg. 3 You have never (give) back my book. 4 John has (keep) his money in his wallet. 5 Have you ever (feed) an elephant? 6 have just (feel) little bit insecure. 7 The sun has just (rise) five minutes ago. 8 My mum has never (stand) on skis. 9 have never (win) in the lottery. 10 Have you ever (sell) piece of your furniture?