Arbeitsblatt: Karteikarten U2 NW2


Die Karteikarten wurden mit Hilfe des Boosters erstellt und können doppelseitig kopiert werden.
8. Schuljahr
8 Seiten




Erni Livia
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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community multicultural feel at home portrait generation advantage home disadvantage mixed flag Welcome to the city of Toronto! Do you know many people in your ? have to create of friend. Do you in Switzerland? What are the of living in small town? Parents and children belong to different . What are the of living in small town? Some say that is where your heart is. The of France and Italy are quite similar. With his English father and Chinese mother, he has background. meeting place opportunity recognise react be ashamed (of) advise joy education migrate get married This is great to learn something new. This youth hostel is for students from all over the world. How will people when they hear the news? Do you language when you hear somebody speak it? What would you me to do? Dont of your accent – your English is very good. think that is very important. It was real to see you again. They year ago. Quite few Swiss farmers to Canada. identity immigration origin profession integrate settle integration society native language strength What is your country of ? Can you keep your when you live far away from home? What is your fathers ? This country has always had lot of . Does he want to there permanently? They have well into their new community. In our we respect each others. is easy if your neighbours are freindly. She speaks German, French, English – languages are her . His is Swiss German. support topic arrange welcome connect (to) This is very interesting . will be happy to your organisation. Let us the new student in our class. He neatly the paintings on the wall. Can you the words to the pictures?