Arbeitsblatt: NI2, Unit 7, Writing, Extreme Places


Writing test zum Thema "extreme places" mit Kriterienraster zum Sprachbereich "writing"
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NI2, Unit 7 Writing class: name: pts/22 mark writing signature parents Writing Extraordinary places Lake Baikal, Russia Oldest, deepest lake on earth Maximum temperature at 20 C, minimum temperature 50 Spitzbergen, island, Norway Atacama desert, Peru Chile Midnight sun 99 days, polar night 84 driest desert on earth days Maximum temperature at 30 C, Maximum temperature at 6 C, und den minimum temperature minimum temperature at 16 at 15 More extraordinary places: Imagine: You win holiday to an EXTRAORDINARY PLACE for seven days. You can choose, when and where you go, all vehicles are for free. Describe where, when and with whom you go. Give reasons for your decisions. Write in present tense form. You have to write title and divide your text into three paragraphs (instruction, body, and conclusion). Your text needs red thread. Write about 120 – 150 words. NOT MORE. Notes Content 0 Length is too short. Story is written in different tenses. Story is not thrilling, negative effect on the reader. No relevant elements are included (less than 4). Structure Text doesnt follow red thread. 1 Length is okay. 2 Length is as required. Story is partially written in present tense. Story partially thrilling, generally positive effect on the reader. Relevant elements are partial included (4 of 6). Story is written in present tense. Story is thrilling, positive effect on the reader. Text partially follows read thread. Text follows read thread. Text is not divided into paragraphs, title is missing. Most relevant elements are included (5 of 6). 3 All relevant elements are included. Text is partially divided into paragraphs Two or more paragraphs/title are missing Style sentence structure Inappropriate style to Style is partially matching genre. with genre. Text is divided into paragraphs. One paragraph/title is missing. Text is divided into three paragraphs: Instruction, body, conclusion. There is title as well. Sentence structures are incorrect. Sentence structures are partially correct. Sentence structures are mostly correct. Sentence structures are correct. Sentence structures dont vary. Sentence structures partially vary and are repetitive. Sentence structures mostly vary. Sentence structures vary. Appropriate style to genre. /22