Arbeitsblatt: NI2, Unit 7, Listening Rainforest


Listening Test zu einem "Extreme Place" - "Rainforest"
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NI2, Unit 7 Listening class: name: pts/25 mark listening signature parents Extreme Places Rainforest Video Comprehension – Rainforests Rainforests are Earths oldest living ecosystems, with some surviving in their present form for over. 60 million years 70 million years 80 million years What are the two types of rainforests? temperate and tropical sub-tropical and temperate tropical and taiga Tropical rainforests are primarily located in. cooler climates warmer climates dry climates Rainforests receive up to about feet of rain per year. 44 43 33 oxygen pesticide chemicals Rainforests absorb. solar radiation Rainforests create about of Earths breathable air. 30% 40% 20% time_continue64&v3vijLre760w&featureemb_logo What is deforestation? cutting down trees to use the land for something else, like farm cutting down trees to develop land for homes and business. both answers are correct /7 time_continue64&v3vijLre760w&featureemb_logo Audio Comprehension – The Amazon rainforests Are the statements true or false? Write down or F. 1. The Amazon rainforest is located only in Brazil. 2. The Amazon rainforest contains the longest river in the world. 3. The Amazon rainforest contains 390 billion trees. 4. The Amazon rainforest is disappearing due to the wood industry. 5. The Amazon rainforest provides habitat for giant otters. 6. The Amazon rainforest is home to South American tapirs, which are species of bird. 7. The Amazon rainforest contains plants that can be used for medicine. 8. The Amazon rainforest does not attract many tourists. /8 Answer these questions. Write in whole sentences. 1. Why are Amazonian trees important for our planet? 2. Why do lumber companies continue to cut down trees in the Amazon? 3. What is the benefit of ecotourism? 4. Why might some Amazonian plant be important? 5. How much of the Amazon rainforest has been lost since 1970? /10 time_continue64&v3vijLre760w&featureemb_logo