Arbeitsblatt: Young World 3 - Unit 6 - Vocabulary


Young World 3 - Unit 6 - Vocabulary
6. Schuljahr
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Michael Frey
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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Young World 3 Unit 6 Vocabulary 1 is large instrument with black and white keyboard. Yodelling is typical for Swiss . lemon is fruit. Theres often in classical orchestras. lot of teenagers like . The parrot isnt happy. Hes bit . When you, the others cant hear you. always has three corners. is long instrument with holes. Sing the ! Can you that, please? lives in pond and goes croak. is an instrument with six strings. When it rains, water down my jacket. These musicians play together in an. Now they have to the question. They find magic cave. Thats the of great adventure. Columbus new continent. English. There are seven colours in the . There are difficult and less difficult in dancing. The flute, the harp and the violin are. They call themselves the Crazy Gang. Is this or false? The orchestra plays music. The paints beautiful pictures. Wow, their dance is ! This harp has 47. The painter uses many different for his colourful picture. plays in band or an orchestra., please! The concert is beginning.