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Open World / (new realease); Vocabulary-Test
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Michael Bächtold
Land: Schweiz
Registriert vor 2006

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English Open World 1 (new edition) Vocabulary „Unit 1 Name: Vorname: Klasse: S_ Resultat: . 22 Pkt am freundlichen 10. September 2019 Note: Synonyms (): Find the word(s) with the same meaning. [Notiere ein Wort mit gleicher Bedeutung] Antonyms (): Give the opposite (without using not). [Notiere das Gegenteil] a) bar b) entrance c) joy/fun/delight trip no one d) over here e) cheap f) say sorry/apologise g) resident/habitant h) right i) book last minute 11 Word families: Find the corresponding word of the same word family and translate it into German (_). a) Verb: fly noun: (dt:) b) Noun: fame adjectiv: () c) Noun: discovery verb: (_) 6 Sentence completion: Fill in the gaps. a) like the at the beginning of this film. b) Do you play any other sports b football? c) These are useful e for music review. d) She doesnt like the new skirt, she wants to go back to the shop and it. e) When travelling you always need for the bus or the train. 5 Total: 22